Rienalissa: #1 The Beginning Of A Meaningful JK1M Journey

Hi Sweet Reader!

Would like to share my journey with JK1M so someday I had a proof for my grandchild that I wasn’t a model at my 20s. Hahahaha.. Joking guys.

Will start with an introduction about myself. You may call me Lissa, 28 years old with height & weight of 158cm and 98.5kgs respectively. No need to calculate, you know already that I’m “OBESE” (extremely I guess? Hehe).

Why did I join JK1M?

There’re thousand reasons but I just highlighted my top three reasons;

  1. Family. I’m the eldest child and it should be my responsibility to take good care of my family. I don’t want to get sick because of my overweight and put the burden on them.
  2. Jungle! Yes, I miss jungle a lot! Last time I were there on 2011 with my classmates. Why do I stopped joining that kind of activity? Because of my stamina. I took longer time to walk/climb compared to others. I knew they would wait but they can’t even enjoy the view while taking care of me and I can’t do so because too busy to take a deep breath. Ironic when an environmental student got drowned around trees.
  3. My job. I’m an Environmental, Health & Safety Engineer. Yes I can take a good care on environment & safety, but on health, how suppose I’m taking care others while myself not even healthy? In case there’s emergency happened, I should be the one with fastest respond but how could I if I can’t even run?

I didn’t originally obese, I mean not from childhood. I started to gain weight around 6-7 years ago. You can see the HUGE-THAN-GORILLA difference here;

And so my JK1M Journey Begins…

My new journey began on 15 March 2014, with Johor (Skudai) team under Coach Shima. We had a great fun with our coach and her team, full of energy. It is a great kick start! We had an aerobic, jogging, badminton. Tonight we have a badminton at Daiman Sri Skudai Sports Centre, and upcoming Saturday we’ll join boot-camp at Tg. Balau. Photo Credit to Cikgu Hairy

Forgot to share. On my first day, the thing that I keep on reminding my self is the advise from Kevin Zahri. He emphasized on few important things which are; Knowledge, Safety, Communication, Proactive and so on. I’m still in my first stage; getting a knowledge on a way to lead healthy life. I read few notes about diet based on blood group. I never thought that a good food will be good for everybody. Now I do understand about the important of knowledge before we start anything.

I’ll share all the activities in my next journal! Till then, lets striving together for a healthy life!!! Last but not least, thanks Kevin, Coach Shima and team for this great beginning of our precious journey!






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