Rienalissa: #2 Teamwork and Destiny/Coincidence

Hi Dearest Reader!

This is my second journal and I would like to share my experiences and all previous awesome activities!

Before that, I had two great things to share;

1. Teamwork

Last Saturday, we had a boot-camp at Tg. Balau. We were divided into two groups, handled by Coach Shima, Coach Ad and Coach Mus. I was in the first group to start the activity and for the first two rounds, I started mumble alone because I was extremely exhausted (I thought I was, but it was actually an excuse to stop pushing myself). I had to jump, run, crawl and dragging car tire. I did and stop, did and stop again. At the beginning of activity, our coach  reminded us that our safety is most important, so don’t force ourselves. However, thing that keeping me enthusiastic were the support from team. As I stop, they said “You can do it!”, “You look thinner!” (haha, i knew it was a lie).  I was second last person to complete the activity, but I still did! 8 rounds of that and I felt great!! Thanks teammate!                                                   

2. Destiny/Coincidence

After the boot-camp, I had a small conversation with one of the teammate, Kak Elzura.  I told her that it was a coincidence that I worked in Health & Safety field so I would start to take good care about my own self. She said something that was simple but deeply meaningful; “Nothing is  a coincidence in our life. It’s not a coincidence you got that job, you joined JK1M and you got a chance to inspire other through your journal but Allah SWT had wrote our life journey nicely.” I felt a big knock on my head, just like I woke up from a dream. Yes, just because of our simple conversation, I start to appreciate my life better than before. Thanks Kak Ell!

Our Activities

For week 2 (22-28/03/14), below were our activities;

  • Saturday: Boot-camp
  • Sunday: Gym Session
  • Tuesday: Aerobic
  • Wednesday & Thursday: Badminton
  • Friday: Jogging

I’m lucky to be in one team with passionate people. Most of the activities had a positive involvement from us and coach keeps on supporting us. During the activity, coach will share with us a valuable knowledge such as about our body parts, food intake and calculation for BMR. It helps us a lot to improve our healthy life.

Positive Changes

It’s something hard to believe that I didn’t drink cold/iced water anymore, and I eat vegetable daily. Honestly, I hate vegetable so much and I didn’t eat it at all. But in the past two weeks, even my mother was shocked when I ate it daily. It taste good actually! I wish I ate it for the past 27 years, so my body might be healthier and slimmer, hehe.

I had lost 4.2 kilos within this two weeks. My target is higher than than, but more important is my stamina is way better than before. Previously when I go to gym, after burning around 100 calories, I would stop. But now, I can easily burnt at least 400 calories. I didn’t get nervous and shy anymore to go to the gym because coach had teach us what should we do at the gym.

I hope that I can improve and maintain all of the changes for a better healthy life. Last but not least, do not just depends on supplement, cream, girdle to loss weight without doing any exercise. Exercise is the simplest and cheapest way, and you’ll feel great as I did! 🙂

Till meet you again on the update for week 3.



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