I am Taking a Short Break From Social Media

I am currently on a quickie social media break and I gotta say: it feels peaceful. It is not the first time, but its has been a since my last SM break back in 2016. That year I took almost 6 month away from Facebook, Instagram and work in general to spend time with my kids.

The mental Strain of Social Media.

Social media is a great tool for all kinds of engagements – business, creativity, friends, social. SM is a tremendously exciting place to be. BUT too much of anything, and it can get pretty exhausting.

The constant need to engage, browse, comment, and peek into the life of others can be overwhelming,  especially for a guy like me who is fairly private about life in general. SM can be a place for inspiration but that inspiration can also work against you. SM can be a constant reminder of things you don’t have, things other people do, how much you need to work for success, and plenty of unnecessary noise. So for me, a break from social media, once in a life, is healthy.

So how do I disengage from Facebook and Instagram? I delete all the apps from my phone and ipads. Yes, the fingers still tend to auto-navigate trying to find the apps but there are not there.

How does it feel?

Peaceful. Quiet. The moment you delete the apps, the noise of social media stops. Am I not worried about losing followers? Not at all. I think being away from SM platforms also allows your followers to actually “miss” you. But even if you lose half or ALL of your followers, trust me life will go on and you will be OK.

What do I plan to do?

Nothing much. Just chill and relax with my family. Some vacay. Some blogging which is something I love doing but SM tends to distract from. But yeah, I also am planning to take a step back from SM and see how I want to change my SM approach for 2019. It is hard to reflect on changes without taking some time away from it all.

I will be back on the Social Media Bandwagon in 2019 🙂