I lost 12.5kg when before the word “diet” felt like going to WAR!

Assalamualaikum and hi,

My name is Farah. I am 26 years old and weigh 140kg today and lost 12.5kg during my Bukan Soal Kurus program with Kevin Zahri. Something I did not think was possible just 7-8 weeks ago.

As I am writing this email, I am in the final week of my amazing Bukan Soal Kurus with Kevin Zahri. When I first joined this program I definitely doubted myself whether I can finish this program or not. Since all the weight loss programs I’ve heard so far were very strict when it’s comes to dieting and losing weight.

But the 8-week with “Bukan Soal Kurus”, I really enjoyed it.

Truthfully before this, when I start dieting or losing weight I can only do it for 2 weeks at most. because the only knowledge I have when dieting was strict clean food no junk no snack no sweet waiting for cheat day was tough.

“Suka Hati Aku” Diet

But now, I basically cheat every day since it’s called Farah Diet. Also known SUKA HATI AKU. So obviously I make my own rules when it’s come to dieting.

It’s kind of strange when I occasionally I still eat fast food or junk food BUT I still lose weight. I eat whatever I want as long as I maintain my calorie deficit.

Do I feel satisfied when I eating smaller portion? Yeah definitely. Did I enjoy fast food, birthday parties, family gathering? Yes 100%. Do I feel guilty? Not at all. I feel happy.

Do I feel guilty? Not at all. I feel happy coz I understand what I am doing. I am in control.

I definitely ate late at night because insomnia and I can’t help being hungry. So I always make sure that I left at least 100kcal so that I can snacking when I’m hungry.

I lost 12.5kg over 8-weeks. 22112020 ~ 14012021 = I lost 12.5kg. Did not seem like much for me in the beginning but something I am very proud of.

Injury and bodyweight prevent me from exercising.

Since I keep injured my ankle because of an old injury and because of my body weight. So I focused on moving more and stay active until I can do the different ones. Just do what I can do. I do feel more active.

It feels strange to sit still for a long time. The best tips drink a lot, so you can’t help it always make a trip to the bathroom.

Like any new beginnings, the first two weeks were not easy. A lot of learning, Q&A with Kevin Zahri himself (yes!), and the eLearning platform were so useful to learn about dieting, building my own meal plan, and answering so many weight loss myths.

So after the initial period, it definitely felt like it’s part of my life. At first, I definitely go hard. But what I learn, going hard definitely makes you lose more but no enjoyment in your journey. So I toned it down just to make myself feels happy when dieting. So that is becomes sustainable.

The word “diet” felt like going to war!

This program definitely changes my whole perception when it comes to dieting. As a fat people dieting seems tough because of the food choice. So I always thought if I go on diet I can’t enjoy good food.

That’s why we always say I’ll start on New Year, Monday… etc.
It’s happened because I did’t understand the basics of dieting and food.
That’s why the words diet feels like you need to go to war to die.

I wanted to lose 40kg in 2month. It is not realistic

When I first start joined I said I want to lose 40kg in 2 months, which is close to crazy and I understand that now. Today, even losing 500g makes me happy.

Thank you for changing my life.

I never follow your FB before or being active in fb. I just stumble down on your post on my wall and decide to ask you a question. You gave me the opportunity that changed my life. I can never forget your deed, sir.

Thank you so much for helping me change not only my scale but also my life. This journey not only will get me through my target but also my life.

Wish me luck, sir.

Yours sincerely,