My Covid-19 Lockdown

By Rio Mikaela,

hello and hi everyone,

It has been over a year that my world has been turned upside-down due to the covid19 pandemic. It’s not always been easy. When I heard about covid I was super scared because I thought I might get it so I had to stay at home and be super safe when I go out.

But I was also happy because I got to spend time with my family and it was not that bad all we had to do is stay at home since we are on a lockdown at home I get to be near my family. I was still sad because I cannot go to school but I am still happy because I get to sing with my mom, I get to play ping pong with my dad, and play games with my family.

I hope covid could go because every day people die from covid. There is a lot of cases in Malaysia especially India. I am glad all of my family does not have covid so have to watch out if anyone coughs or sneeze. Some of my family have the vaccine but the rest doesn’t have the vaccine I think covid will end in 1 year and 6 months.

I hope everyone in the world has the vaccine and covid will end soon.

Lots of love,