Channing Tatum deems training for ‘Magic Mike 3’ as ‘unhealthy’

A recent article on CNN, Channing Tatum deems training for ‘Magic Mike 3’ as ‘unhealthy’, caught my eye. Having many friends who are fitness models, bodybuilders, or influencers, the general public underestimates the extreme diets and lifestyle changes these professionals undertake in order to accomplish these desirable and unrealistic “dry and hard” physiques.

Fun fact: Did you know that when bodybuilders hit the stage, they are often in an extreme state of dehydration to a point that even walking hurts?!

Water, Carb & Sodium Depletion

In order to get that dry ripped look, what Channing Tatum refers to as ‘unhealthy’ is not just the perhaps calorie restrictions but the extreme dieting practice of eliminating sodium, carbohydrates, and yes water.

So as much as your dietitian may ask you to “reduce” salts, reduce sugars and carbohydrates, bodybuilders and fitness models take these to further extremes to strategically attain peak condition for that shoot or competition.

Salt traps water. Its the same reason that people with high blood pressure are advised to reduce or control their salt intake. Also also why athletes consume “electrolytes” like sodium to retain water and avoid dehydration.

How long do they stay in that dry and ripped shape?

Not very long as Channing Tatum mentions, it’s not a realistically attainable look for long periods. Hence in the off-season fitness models and bodybuilding professionals don’t look as dry and ripped.

The moral of the story?

Don’t follow blindly what you see on social media. What you see is not always what you think. The dedication, discipline, and planning that goes into peaking physically for a photoshoot, film, or bodybuilding competition is admirable but as an individual its important to manage the risks based on your unique needs and objectives.

Without risk, there is no reward.