My beautiful daughter, today you left for Bosnia

Meine Kleine Puppe,

Today, I saw you leave for Bosnia for a 6-week journey to pursue your dreams of becoming the best tennis player you can be. It was hard to see you go, but I know the journey without me there will make you stronger in ways that you may not understand now. Always remember how proud I am of your strength and determination to chase your dream.

I wish I could be there with you. I have always been there for you, but I know this experience with Mama there will not only make you stronger but also create memories of a lifetime for both of you.

A wise man just told me, “Hard times make a person.” Embrace the sacrifices that you are making now, hold your head up high, and know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers. Always.

Thank you so much for your beautiful letter.

I cried reading it. I am crying now. I thought I would cry at the airport, but perhaps your leaving did not sink in. I am going to miss holding and hugging you every day and giving you Eskimo kisses. I just passed your room but you were not there. What am I going to do with all the free time I have now? My routine always revolved around our daily tennis training sessions. Spending all that time together training as father and daughter is the happiest time of my day. One day, we will look back at those days … those simple and beautiful days together with big smiles on our faces. Family is everything. You, Rafa, and Mama mean everything to me.

You are my small chicken, but now you need to become an eagle and soar above your challenges. Enjoy your time in Bosnia with your friends, coaches, and mummy. Work hard to pursue your dreams and if things get tough, try and find strength knowing that I always believe in you. Great things are not meant to be easy.

Can’t wait to see you again. You are my mini-me.

I love you, Puppe.


PS – I can’t accept your gift but I shall put it in our tennis piggybank.
PSS – Take care of mummy, please 🙂