Is Life Fair?

Yes - Coz its what you make of it
No - Coz fairness is not always (if ever) rewarded....

Life is not fair.....
- if you see young children losing their innocent lives daily in IRAQ (or anywhere else in the world)
- when you have to deal with corporate bullshit & politics
- if you-know-who dives to win a penalty...
- if the corrupted rich and richer the dirty way...
So yeah, if you look'll find that life is probably not fair..people get away with vicious crime all the time......

Life is fair.....
- if you focus on what you can control.....
- to me..if I focus on my own goals and the people close to me
Its fair if you focus on your own life...but to do that you have to be a selfish prick.

Am I? No but I do try to focus on the things I can control. In life shit happens....often there's nothing you can do about it. As I reach (or am in) my late 20's, I've learned to distinguish between whats important and what not important to worry about.

I worry about....
- my health
- my family and the people I love
- my career (whats within my control)
- my relationship with God

I don't worry about...
- corporate bullshit
- pleasing the world
- what others are doing
- what other have
- misfortunes (they just happen)

It sickens me to see people getting away with crime but I find peace knowing that one sweet day....justice will prevail! :D

My advice is to focus and worry about the things that you care about and can control! Try to "ignore" what's out of your control unless you need to face them.

Whey Protein atau Weight Gainer?

Protein in general adalah asas supplement untuk:

  • membina otot
  • membaiki otot
  • memelihara otot

Untuk weight/muscle gain, anda perlu makan lebih dan training yang intensif. Makanan balanced in terms of carbs, protein & lemak (dalam nisbah lebih kurang 50:35:15) dan lain lain lagi...supplements helps tetapi we have to get the basics right jugak.

  • Whey Protein adalah supplement calorie rendah hanya dengan kandungan protein (whey) dan mungkin 1-2g carbs/lemak. Protein supplement alone will not make you gain weight.
  • Weight Gainer adalah campuran protein (whey, casein, egg dll) dan carbs ringkas (dextrose atau maltodextrin).

Mana yang lebih baik, whey protein or weight gainer?

- Hmmm kalau duit tidak menjadi halangan, weight gainer lebih sesuai kerana mengandungi kedua-duanya.
- Whey protein lebih ekonomi dan carbs (daripada gainer) bole diganti dengan carbs tempatan (roti, nasi) dll.
- Kalau anda kurang rajin makan dan beli makanan THAN weight gainer lebih sesuai kerana ia sudah mengandungi kesemuanya.
- Pun tak menjadi masah untuk menggunakan kedua-duanya. Ambil protein sepanjang masa dan weight gainer time anda nak gain weight (dengan training yang berpatutan)
- Ingat bahawa mengambil weight gainer tanpa training yang sesuai pun tidak akan menaikkan berat badan anda.

Supplement Lain yang sesuai untuk weight gain (jika digabungkan dengan training yang intensif):

  • Glutamine
  • Creatine
  • Others

For more information on gaining weight, check out my fitness book - Fitness 24/7

Someone's pretending to be me on MySpace!

Hahahaha....funny la.....someone is pretending to be me on MySpace!
Check this out: <---- not me!
Hmmmm...took my pics and info from mystuff.
Well I'm ok with people having my pictures and info..BUT I am not ok with people pretending to be me and texting people I know or don't know!
I have people emailing me telling me that I text them on does this mean that I need to have my own MySpace profile to challenge the posers
Help Please!

Makanan Seimbang - Kerja Shift Malam dan Protein

Soalan 1:

Sejak e-mail terakhir, saya telah join semula gym, dan saya mula minum protein shake. Saya ada beli Prolab whey protein dari maxtrition. Saya nak tahu apa beza whey protein dengan yang weight gain protein atau build mass protein?


  • 100% Whey Protein supplements, tidak mengandungi carbs yang banyak. Biasanya hanya dalam 2-4 gram untuk setiap serving.
  • Weight gainer pulak adalah campuran protein (whey, casein, egg dll) dan carbs (dextrose dll) yang banyak.
  • Nama protein product seperti “mass build protein” atau “muscle protein” tidak penting. Yang penting adalah supplement facts, for protein supplements and weight gainers, it should look like something seperti di bawah

Soalan 2:

Saya kerja shift, ada masa saya kerja dari 9 mlm ke 7 pagi. Bila lewat mlm, terasa lapar. Apa patut saya buat? Apa yang boleh dimakan? Dan selalu nye bila balik pada pukul 7 pagi. Mengantuk dan lapar. Boleh kah saya makan kemudian saya tidur? Sebab saya akan tidur 6-8 jam.

Jawapan 2:

Sebelum tidur elakan makanan/minuman yang ringkas. Whey protein adalah makanan ringkas yang sesuai untuk Sebelum/Selepas gym tetapi kurang sesuai untuk Sebelum tidur.

...Whey protein kurang sesuai untuk sebelum tidur. protein complex lebih sesuai.....

Di sini, protein complex lebih sesuai. Jika, lapar, saya akan minum 1 gelas susu lemak rendah!

Soalan 3:

Sila define kan breakfast. Disebabkan saya kerja shift, bagi saya break fast adalah makanan selepas tidur 6-8 jam. Adakan ia betul, kerana saya hendak ikut jadual pemakanan seimbang yang betul.

Jawapan 3:

Breakfast, lunch atau makan malam hanyalah nama hidangan. Tetapi dari segi kandungan makanan (carb, protein & lemak), semuanya sama! Tiada beza. Setiap hidangan seharusnya seimbang! Ini dinamakan makanan yang seimbang.

Setiap hidangan seharusnya seimbang! Ini dinamakan makanan yang seimbang.

Health Talks Promotion

Dear readers & friends,

As I am offering health/wellness talks, I figured why not let u guys in on this and perhaps we can help each other out. :)

Here's how you can help me out:
- email the health talk page to your HR department and request a talk
- provide me with your HR (training) rep (email to me at
- attend a talk :)
Note: I'll give you guys commission of course la....nuttin is free in this world.

Thanks everyone. Any support is greatly appreciated.


Toll Hikes & Malaysia’s Space Program!

Yeah we all hate it. Paying more for something thats already a pain! My daily trip to work along KESAS has now ballooned from "just" RM6 to now RM8.80!!!!!! Damn, dalam sebulan thats about close to RM200 (excluding weekends). Aiyoooooooooo........

Malaysia's Space Program

Oh well, at least I get to see our very own Malaysian make teh tarik in space for....oh and the space program oly costs us US25 million! OMG!

...Why la is Malaysia interest in wasting its money on pointless projects....

Why la is Malaysia interest in wasting its money on pointless projects. I know I know.......but it will be offset as part of a US$900 million defense deal struck with Moscow in 2003 to buy 18 Sukhoi Su-30 MKM fighter jets.

What will the outcome of the space program be?

To show the world that Malaysian have the athletic ability to play "Batu Seremban" in a zero gravity environment? Please lah. No one in the world cares.....neither do I and most of the people I've spoken to. Its a joke.

No one in the world cares.....neither do I and most of the people I've spoken to. Its a joke.

Who is Sheikh Muzaffar

I have nothing against the astronaut(s). Its not their fault anyhow but doesn't our beloved government have better ways to spend almost RM100 million?
OK lah....I really don't care if some rich dude wants to spend his own dough on the most expensive tourist ride but if there are so many more important issues to address in our own backyard...its bewilders me how the government can approve such a program.

What scientific benefit can Malaysia get from the space program?

Are we gonna be launching our own rockets to space someday? Or a Malaysian on the moon? Are we gonna have a space program that worthwhile talking about? I really don't think so.

...And after a couple of years no one will care but the US25mill blown up in space, literally!...

Hahahahahaha....its cheap publicity without much substance! And after a couple of years no one will care but the US25mill blown up in space, literally! Hmmmm don't get me wrong, I love Malaysia.

Its my favorite place in the world but sebagai warganegara Malaysia I feel we should speak out if something doesn't quite relate. I can tolerate the toll sucks but probably inevitable! I can't tolerate the space program....its a waste of money..common we're not in a cold war with any country.....not even Singapore!

My 10 Quick First Date Tips

My Dating Game

Since I don't need my game no more hahahahah, I'll give you a little insight into my "game"... and yes, like it or not....its a game. Its tiring but either play along or play with yourself! it is:

  1. 1.
    Not every girl is going to like me.....but thats ok. There's plenty of fish in the sea. But you have to equip yourself properly laa.
  2. 2.
    Keep the first date light and about easy topics
  3. 3.
    Figure her out. what kind of girl is she? more traditional? out-going? Once you know, you can "plan" your approach.
  4. 4.
    Be funny! not stupid funny.....this is where you gotta figure her out. Don't force your joke and don't tell joke like "i know this joke.....". You wanna keep her at ease.
  5. 5.
    Make the first date about her...not me...why? coz the more I talk about myself the more I may reveal about my slip-ups, weird habits etc....of course she'll find out some day but first goal is to get her to like me...not to scare her off
  6. 6.
    No touching! if shes interest, her body language will show if shes interest. Again, no touching.
  7. 7.
    Don't ask 2 many questions! Its not an interview.
  8. 8.
    Show that you enjoy her company but maintain control over the entire date.
  9. 9.
    Practice, practice, practice!
  10. 10.
    My overall goal for a date would be: To figure her out and make her fall for me without she thinking that I'm into her.
  11. 11.
    After the date: I usually don't call right after....maybe a couple of don't wanna be desperate.

All in all, there are no clear guidelines...... its all about playing your game right...and you gotta be able to suit your game towards your opponent (your date lah).... you are not always going to win....but no matter how good you are, or not, you only need to win once..... :)

Why Nice Guys Finish Last!

I'll give it to you straight up! Here's my view on why nice guys finish last....sure you'll finish some day but its not what most of you want today! So for my friends (you know who you are), this is for you..... ;)

Integrity & Confidence:

  • Whats the problem! Nice guys aren't sure about what they say (or should say). They worry too much about pleasing their date or love interest.
  • What Girls Like:Like it or not, women like men to take control and lead them.
  • What You Should Do: Be positive about who you are. Feel comfortable about your strength and weaknesses! Should you be yourself? Depends on what the girl wants!
  • What You Shouldn't Do: Don't be TOO cocky (if there is such a thing). Also, this doesn't mean you can boss your date around. Integrity and confidence is not something you can learn from a book, its comes from within and experience. Whatever it is, don't reveal too much of your insecurities or weird habits. Make it about her, not you!

Whatever it is, don't reveal too much of your insecurities or weird habits. Make it about her, not you!

Girls like the chase just as much as we do!

  • Whats the problem! Nice guys are too easy! There's just no excitement in dating or meeting a guy who is just plain "nice".
  • What Girls Like: What Girls want a challenge.
  • What You Should Do: Flirt but don't show you are too interest, unless you know she wants you 2. Words like "I love you" or "I wanna be with you" should only be mentioned when you're sure its a home-run!
  • What You Shouldn't Do: Don't agree to everything she says, don't always make yourself available, especially when she doesn't have time for you. You need to make her believe that you have a life 2 (or are dating other people)

...You need to make her believe that you have a life 2 (or are dating other people)...

Friend Zone - Don't waste your time

  • Whats the problem! Nice guys are great friends!! But girls will never see you as a love interest.
  • What Girls Like: Want a guy that makes their blood flow!
  • What You Should Do: If you want to make her your girl, you gotta show it to her. Yes "show" (not say).....its about body language, your eyes. Make it clear that you wanna be her man and not her yoga buddy!
  • What You Shouldn't Do: Don't be too aggressive or a jerk (although that works sometimes). Don't force yourself on her....sometimes its just not meant to be. Trust me, not all girls are going to fall for you. You lose some and you win some. And when you lose, don't hang around (unless you wanna be her friend). Who knows, in the future your luck with her may change!

... You lose some and you win some. And when you lose, don't hang around (unless you wanna be her friend)....

Money Money Money

  • Whats the problem! I'm sorry but nice guys dress the part 2! Kedekut I tell you.
  • What Girls Like: They wanna be proud of you and a man that takes care of themselves so that they'll have faith that you can take care of them 2.
  • What You Should Do: Dress appropriately. Most nice guys dress like nerds! (I'm sorry) decent cloth that FIT you! Keep your car, apartment presentable. Don't waste all that money on gadgets and lubrication it for the ladies.
  • What You Shouldn't Do: Don't be cheap but don't be poyo either! Spend wisely of important things. You don't need a designer wardrobe or fancy things. Shop smartly. Don't pretend you earn 10k a yourself but present yourself properly la :)

...Don't be cheap but don't be poyo either!...

Don't be too picky

  • Whats the problem? Either nice guys seem to be stuck on this movie fairytale story or avoid dating a girl for the stupidest reasons. Movies are movies. Life is life. Get real. Yes, maybe you will be that lucky guy to get to date a model but most of us aren't. Its ok to dream and try...but keep it real!
  • What Girls Like: Simple guys.....
  • What You Should Do: Expect people for their imperfections. You have them 2. Its all about compromise. Widen your dating spectrum and don't be too picky.
  • What You Shouldn't Do: Avoid dating or getting-to-know someone just because they walk funny or don't get your lame jokes. Give people a chance. Give relationships a chance. Life is about taking chances!

Give people a chance. Give relationships a chance. Life is about taking chances!

Digi EDGE?

Thinking about giving Digi's Unlimited EDGE Plan a that I have my O2 Atom Exec :)
What do you people think? How is the connectivity in Klang Valley?
I'm basically looking to do the following
- use my pda phone as a modem for my laptop
- browse from my "firewalled" office, home, gf's home etc
- basic email, ftp and browsing (384kbps should be enough kot)
Any experience? is here

Finally bought my domain name with a FREE 50mb hosting account. Really cheap, only paid ~RM20 for everything!!!! Why I need another site? make it easier for people to find and book me for jobs ;)...."cari makan"

There's not much there now....but am hoping to make it a lil more lively over time.

For now...its gonna be more professionally driven (gonna include resume, bio etc) brand and market myself...again, cari makan lor

And so give credit to people and companies (like Adidas, that sponsor me).

Do check it out:

My Photo Gallery

Since there has been sooo many requests for ya go! To visit my photo gallery click on links at the sidebar

How Someone Snatched 2 Phones Off Me!!!!

What a day lah!!!! Yesterday I had 2 phones, an O2 Mini and a spare Sony Ericsson (for my personal line) I have none..well I have my gf's spare phone but oh well..u know what I mean......What Happened? Wasn't due to me being careless (in denial here hahaha) but I blame it on inconsiderate human beings or thieves....lets call him/her the lowlife of humanity or LOH!

Here's what happened:
Went to Cineleisure @ The Curve to watch "The Prestige" right after work. We were in Hall 4 with Seats A12 & 13 (right at the back where there actually is room right behind our row). Like the good citizen that I am, I silenced the phones and left my 2 phones in my laptop front pocket. I'm guessing the LOH saw me using the phones and packing them in the bag. We had a couple seat (and no people, we just watched the movie) and had both feet on the seat (like a "bersila" position).

When Did I Notice? When it was 2 late.....on the way to the car....I looked for my phones but....nada! Immediately went back to the Cinema and had security people bring us back to our seats, in case the phones fell out of the bag etc....but nothing....I looked at the seat arrangements and noticed how there is a small but large-to-fit-a-LOH walkway behind our row (which is all the way at the back)..someone could've easily crawled unnoticed behind us and reach out for my laptop bag from underneath without me ever noticing! Damn, if only I would've noticed or reached to check my phone! I would've given the LOH a beating of a lifetime!

But yes people...we did look everywhere...and yes I traced back my steps and Yes, I called both phones to see if someone found it etc...or to negociate (threaten) with the LOH!

Am I upset!? I didn't flip out or anything and special thanks to my gf who kept me cool and was my #1 cheerleader all the way through! ..I've lost more important things in my life so you learn to let go and move on but still annoyed as hell lah......not so much about the phone (still got marah one!) but more about all the information I had stored on the O2 (I synced it but not all information)...i know i know...I'll do it next time! I hope the LOH gets run over by truck! hahahah no lah...but he/she will get his/her punishment eventually! Its Karma! ;)

What Now? a new phone lah....which one? Dunno maybe a Dopod or HP...what ya'll think?

Camera? Is on hold for now :(...but nasib baik tak beli lagi....i call it a blessing in disguise....and funny thing is that we just bought a brand NEW NOKIA5300 for my gf on Tuesday! Irony!