Corporate Weight Loss Challenge.

Corporate Biggest Loser or Jom Kurus 6 Week Challenge

Jom Kurus Corporate Edition is a 6 week weight loss challenge based on our public Jom Kurus program. Weight loss aside, it is super fun, engaging, focuses on education, variety and team building.

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6 Week Packages Include:

6 Week Program

With activities 2x a week but program duration can be customized according to your objective and needs.

Dedicated Trainer

Every program comes with a dedicated trainer to keep everyone motivated.

WhatsApp Support

Continuous Whatsapp group support for daily meal sharing and plenty of motivational Q&A.

Virtual Challenge

Due to the ever-changing landscape and Covid19, this challenge can be executed 100% virtually as well.

Video & eBooks

eBooks, online Quizzes, continuous interactive learning with video libraries and Q&A.

Optional Add-Ons

Books, planners, dodgeball tournaments and much more. Contact us for more info.

Virtual Program


Virtual corporate weight loss program to cater to the "new norm" with online whatsapp support, online video course, KURUS eBook and 12x Zoom workouts. Cost per employee. Min 25pax.

Physical Program


Our most popular corporate weight loss program a dedicated trainer, educational material, Whatsapp support, 12x diverse session, including 1x session with Kevin Zahri. Cost per employee. Min 25pax.

Exclusively with KZ


Exclusively with Kevin Zahri as a dedicated coach. Includes educational material, Whatsapp support with Kevin Zahri, 12x diverse session. Cost per employee. Min 25pax.


Complete Learning Material

All participants will gain access to our KURUS educational package which includes a online video library with community learning, eBook KURUS (optional hardcover), Audio eBook and premium email support.

Variety, variety, variety

6 Weeks full of fun, education, team building and yes "kurus"

Every 6-week challenge is different and customized according to the needs of the organization and its employees. From Zumba, diet planning, boot camps and dodgeball, it is a weight loss program like no other.