Jom Kurus Team Leader Gym Application

Join us for the upcoming Cabaran Jom Kurus with Kevin Zahri from 22 June to 27 July 2024.

Are you a small gym with less than 100 members?
Are you interested in increasing your gym revenue by RM50,000 per year?
Are you looking to help Malaysians lose weight?
Apply Now!

Jom Kurus Gym Leader Benefits:

❤️ Recognition: As an official representative, your gym will be acknowledged on our website, social media channels, and promotional materials, enhancing your visibility within the community.

💪🏻 Exclusivity: Eliminate competition as we are only looking for one gym representative for each location. Its your gym or theirs? Better yours 🙂 Oh and did you know we run Jom Kurus 2x per year.

🤯 New Members:  Gain up to 40 new members joining your gym. At say RM100/month membership that is an additional revenue of RM48,000 per year, excluding PT and other upsells.

🔥 Upselling: With the trust the participants build with you and your gym, you can upsell memberships, coaching packages, personal training and more.

🥳 Most importantly! You will be able to make a real impact in changing the lives of our Jom Kurus participants. That is priceless!

🏟 TOT: Learn directly from Kevin Zahri on how to help participants lose weight and run a weight loss program.

🥰 Exclusive Benefits: Enjoy special perks and incentives reserved for our esteemed partners, including discounted program rates, priority access to resources, networking opportunities, corporate wellness programs, online TOT programs etc

Your Jom Kurus Gym Leader Responsibilities:

📣 Promotion and Participation: Spread the word about “Jom Kurus Musim 16” within your gym and encourage members to participate. Your endorsement will carry weight and inspire others to join this transformative journey.

Organize 10x exercise or health-related sessions at your gym to complement the program, such as nutrition seminars, workout sessions, or motivational talks. These events will add value to your members’ experience and foster a sense of community within your gym from June 22nd to July 27th 2024.

❤️ WhatsApp Mentorship: Support your Jom Kurus participants via a dedicated WhatsApp group for continuous learning, trust building and support.

🔥 Facilitate Sign-ups: Assist interested individuals in registering for the program, providing guidance and support throughout the process. Your expertise and personalized assistance will be invaluable in helping participants kickstart their fitness journey.

🥳 Network Expansion: Collaborate with other local businesses or organizations to expand the program’s reach and impact. By forging partnerships and alliances, we can amplify our message of health and wellness across Malaysia.

Applications Deadline: May 13 2024

Are you ready to help Malaysia lose weight?

Apply Now!Amy +60 11-2166 6738