10 Questions – Panduan Senaman Bulan Puasa

By August 31, 2008Health & Fitness

First of all, selamat berpuasa kepada semua pembaca Islam and yeah, happy merdeka for all Malaysians as well. With puasa starting tomorrow (I know I know…I would be sembahyang terawih now…hahaha), following are some quickfire questions about senaman, pemakanan dan kecergasan pada bulan puasa.

For for more details – you can also refer to my post “Your Ramadhan Training Guide”

10 Soalan Senaman, Pemakanan Pada Bulan Ramadhan

  1. 1.

    Bole bersenam ketika berpuasa?
    Yes bole tetapi ia bergantung kepada bentuk senaman.

  2. 2.

    Bila boleh bersenam cardio?
    Yup bole, especially if you are looking to bakar lemak, senaman cardio 30-45 minit sebelum berbuka adalah sesuai kerana selepas itu, anda dapat mengembalikan tenaga ketika berbuka.

  3. 3.

    Intensiti senaman pulak?
    Well, take it easy la….you are not training untuk performance tetapi untuk pembakaran lemak. Kalau anda berasa pening etc..than stop. Exercising tanpa bekalan air aint easy.

  4. 4.

    Latihan pemberat (weight training) camane?
    Dont do weight training sebelum berbuka. Selepas berbuka its ok.

  5. 5.

    Kalau buat weight training while fasting?
    If you degil jugak and do weight training ketika berpuasa, first of all your body will have no energy for a quality workout dan yang kedua, your body akan memecahkan otot untuk sumber tenaga – so you rugi je!

  6. 6.

    Untuk berbuka, nak makan apa?
    A balanced meal ataupun makanan seimbang. Obviously you should enjoy yourself but makan perlahan-lahan, ia mengambil masa lebih kurang 20 minit untuk berasa kenyang.

  7. 7.

    Kurma menggemukkan tak?
    I love kurmas but yeah, they are loaded with sugar so dont eat too many. The exact number of calories would depends on the type, size etc.

  8. 8.

    Will you lose weight during puasa?
    Yeah most probably….no matter how much you eat during puasa, most of us will lose weight during puasa.

  9. 9.

    Imsak nak makan apa?
    Depends on how much time you have la. For me, I look for something quick, easy dan makanan yang membekalkan tenaga yang berterusan – complex foods. Jadi saya biasanya makan, wholewheat cereal, susu dan banyak minum air.

  10. 10.

    I will train during ramadhan?
    Yup. Biasanya I’ll stop training to rest etc, tetapi tahun ini saya akan terus workout dan main futsal tetapi not as much la….probably 1-2 kali seminggu.

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  • Thanks for the tips. I was wondering, how the heck am I suppose to lose fat during bulan puasa. I guess I can still jog…

  • sya

    kevin, when will ur fat burner stock made available?appreciate if u could update me.really need one tho its fasting month.

  • bem69 – yup can still job but take it easy… “listen” to your body.

    sya – not at the moment. will update nanti.

  • arch808

    Just to share my experience during this holy Ramadhan. Firstly, I’ve freeze my gym membership for this month. No point continue pays for it when u know u dont have time to do it. People say go after buka, but honestly speaking, after indulging with so many glorious food, it’ll take at least another 2 hrs for the food to settle down :-)
    by that time it’s already close to 10pm and close to sleeping time. Tomorrow have to go up early for sahur somemore.
    Weekend, well, weekend is reserved for outside berbuka with family and frens, if not at their houses normally in hotels.
    So the only exrcise left to do is just weight training at home around 10pm tu lah. it wont take no more than 1/2 hour. have to keep fit as I have 2 running events to participate during Syawal. I dont wanna get all flabby when the running starts :-)
    p/s: It really takes extra effort to continue even with this simple exercise during fasting month, so god pls help me. :-)

  • zaf

    thanx for da tips…xbersenam dibulan puase pon xboleh juga…bdn tak trun2la kalau mcm tu….that’s for my opinion….

  • shy_a

    salam ramadan kevin. thanx for da post.

  • arch808 – very true….i find it extremely difficult to train during puasa as well. in fact i hardly do la.

    zaf – yeah ia adalah pilihan masing2.

    shy_a – you are welcome. thanks for droppin by.

  • Next year I’m gonna freeze my membership fee. This year is a lesson for me lah kot.

    Tadi was my first gym going during Ramadhan.
    7.19 Buka.. Big Breakfast at Dome..
    8.00 Solat Maghrib
    8.10 Arrive at gym.. perut still to full to comsume my whey … so stim bath dulu
    8.15 Tonggang whey…
    8.17 Stretching
    8.30 3 set of dumbell bicep curl
    8.40 3 set of barbell bicep curl
    8.50 2 set of romanian tricep curl.. tak sempat yang the 3rd one
    9.00 FF nak tutup…

    memang rushing lah… tak best langsung…

  • zhren


    kalau orang lain sibuk nak turunkan berat badan. saya pula risau sebab saya memang dah kurus 178/63kg. Bila puasa makin kurus. saya plan untuk ke gym lepas raya.

  • zhren – if you are looking to tambahkan berat badan, I suggest you browse the blog for weight gain posts or take a look at my fitness book.

  • apiz

    hi kev…

    so far i dont have problem workout during fasting… 30 min cardio b4 buka puasa… then rest for buka puasa about 30 min then sambung for weight training… btw kev, is that ok with that routine? or i shd change it?

  • azizul aziz

    morning Kavin..to day u r having talk @ MPH One Utama at 3pm right. what kinda topic u going to discuss about brotha. is’t more on diet n working out during Ramadhan month? i luv to attand but not sure have enough time or not

  • apan

    what type of workout suits the fasting month ar, if im planning to cut? full body workout is a good idea tak?

  • apan – full body workout would be a form of weight training. so if you wanna do that, yeah you can but after berbuka only.

  • caya lah! finally there’s something that us Malaysians can relate to when it comes to health and fitness..a customized one. bravo kevin! u got yourself a loyal reader here;)

  • serashid

    one more thing, ramai suka tidur balik after imsak. Don’t do that. tidur lepas makan is not good for our health. Bersenamlah…

  • HMY

    Bersenam dalam bulan puasa sebenarnya lebih menyihatkan badan tetapi jangan la over sangat mcm bukan dalam bulan puasa. Ia dapat mengelakkan kita dari rasa menngantuk..Terutama selepas bersahur. saya dah cuba and that’s really work. U akan terasa fresh the whole day. Jadi bulan puasa bukan la alasan untuk tidak besenam

  • zaidi

    i lepas slaloo nye time sahur makan nasi….so brape mse sye perlu rehatkn perut nie ek..i slaloo nye lpas sahur i tido…

  • shasha

    thanx for info.that’s great!

  • hadi

    betulkah mitos mengatakan kalau kita melakukan senaman angkat beban/berat kemudian dicampur dengan berjogging akan menyebabkan bahagian ‘chest’ kita akan mengendur kebawah (jatuh)?

  • DIOR

    Boleh tak after bersahur i nak pergi jogging dalam 20 minutes? Adakah ianya akan berkesan untuk burn fats? THen, can anyone suggest what the best dish to take during berbuka and bersahur supaya kita dapat maintain our weight? Please..please..please

  • jan

    hi, kalau saya ambik weight gain tapi tak buat any senaman boleh ker badan saya naik?

  • Ili

    hye kevin…

    i’m planning to loose weight this fasting month ni..
    ape yang i da buat sekarang is just mkn roti 2 keping with milo for sahur and take nasi separuh for buka..i’m actually tgh undergo dancing training sbb ade competition after raya..so i really need to get my body in shape before raya…i also do some streching after training…do u think its enough? i mean my meal tu btol tak? or should i add or reduce anything? looking forward to hear ffrom you…thanx kevin~ selamat berpuasa

  • @dior – nope. if you nak burn fat, do it sebelum berbuka but take it slow.

    @jan – tak bole

    @lil – one way or another, most people will lose weight during puasa but try to make sure you are not losing weight too drastically.

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  • anita

    hi kevin, umur i 28 tinggi 152 berat 35kg. if i ambik weight gain n buat senaman squat, boleh membantu i naik kan berat badan ker..n berapa kali seminggu i kene buat senaman squat tu..

  • Einay

    What if I plan to workout during lunch time…30 minutes on treadmill? Thanks

  • Hidayah

    hi Kelvin.
    This is hidayah from Berita Harian (women's Desk)
    i am looking issues utk keluarkan sempena Ramadan ini.
    Btw, am happy if u can call me or send me email to talk more about health and ramadhan training guide.
    Boleh tak i get ur number utk di interview?
    Pls reply me asap at hidayah@bharian.com.my or u may call my office at 03 20569355 as soon as possible

    U dapat menjawab semua persoalan dengan baik. Jadi i ingin kerjasama u,. Kita buat shoot sekali.


  • ish

    Salam Kevin,

    Bulan Ramadan, adalah bulan yang saya tunggu-tunggu sekali, felling workout during puasa memang mencabar dan advanture sekali, puasa tahun lepas saya berjaya melepasi cabaran workout during puasa waktu petang before berbuka puasa, just do cardio for 15-20 min and do light weight training. So tahun ni saya buat perubahan workout 9 kali dalam seminggu +-1 jam sehari so total -+ 10 hour in one week. Jadi di bulan puasa ni saya plan just to maintain my 6 pack and body musle using TRX Suspension Training Pro Pack and some cardio. Jadi soalannya the best time for me to do this exercise either firstly in the morning after sahor and office hour or after office hours.? Should I reduce time for exercise?


  • mira

    hai kevin..
    tme bulan puasa ni kn.leh x buat latihan kekuatan dulu selama 20mnt lpas tu baru buat latihan kardio 15mnt?

  • mira

    apa contoh2 weight training?

  • Applebayu89

    saye berbasikal selama 30 minit..cardio dan..menggunakan mesin dan dumbell yg ringan…x lebih 5 kg bagi senaman2 asas..di bhagian atas..bahu, lengan..belakang…serta sit up..upper dan lower abs…masalhnye saye selesa buat waktu pagi…atau sebelum pukul 12 tgh hari….klo ptg atau sebelum waktu bebuke puase..akan rase mengantuk….setakat nih ok…tapi x tahu lah 2,3 minggu lagi..mcm mner..

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