Malaysian’s Abroad

That is me in 1997. I was a Mechanical Engineering freshman at Northeastern University, Boston Massachusettes, USA. Staring at my huge but proudly owned Intel® Pentium® Processor 266 MHz desktop with my always useful Texas Instrument T83 calculator, some serious books, and yes, a copy of Starcraft. Those were some geek-fest all-nighters back in the days. Amazing times. Poor but amazing.

Time of our lives

Living abroad (living or studying) is something a lot of young Malaysians dream of! Dreaming is great but once they actually live out their dreams….a lot of Malaysians don’t seem to make the most out of it! What do I mean?…well…the journey overseas is more than just about an education or work experience! it should be about a life experience that will hopefully make you more independent, experienced, and “worldly” (dunno if that’s actually a word).

What should you do when you’re overseas?

  1. Try not to cling to your Malaysian friends all the time…make new friends.
  2. Get a foreign boy/girlfriend…again that’ll help with embracing the culture and language.
  3. Get a job (illegally if you have to .. ops)..that’ll help in making friends, etc.
  4. Studying is not everything….embrace your social life without losing your roots lah.
  5. Try to be financially independent (that’s for you F.A.M.A beneficiaries).
  6. Try to step out of your comfort levels. By experiencing new situations, you’ll be able to further develop your soft-skills, etc.

Most Importantly … Come back! hahaha …. make sure you come back and help bring Malaysia forward! 😉

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