Fame? Please lah.

What is fame? Depends on who you talk to. If I ask my sister (who’s not even 16), she would imagine dressed up in pretty little dresses..heading to the clubs where everyone knows (and adores her of course) her name. Well lil sis…don’t grow up too quick 🙂

“Adakah anda giler glamor?”

That’s a question I get asked a lot lately. Am I? No! Sure it’s nice to be known and recognized but I’d rather it be for something I accomplished and am given credibility for. But I definitely am not complaining…trust me the perks ain’t bad.
Trust me, fame is cheap. Nowadays any joe-schmo or mak minah can be a model, actress, etc. But let’s keep it real. Just because you graced a cover of a magazine doesn’t make you a superstar. I not big on those “macam bagus” people.

Humility is important.

For me, fame is just a kesan sampingan (side effect) of being good at what you do. It’s not your goal to be famous but it just so happens. Think of the people like Tiger Woods, Roger Federer, Bill Clinton, Oprah, Dr. M, etc these are extremely famous people but, for sure, they are not giler glamour. They are passionate about their ambitions, dreams, and goals! People take notice but it doesn’t change who they are as individuals, their character remains.

Adakah glamor akan influence diri anda?

Well for that crave fame, most probably as they can now finally attune their lifestyle. For others that are comfortable with who they are, famous or not, it doesn’t change them a single bit.

I have great respect for people that achieve so fame through their accomplishments but retain their humility and respect for others. End of the day, people are people. We all have our imperfections. Personally, I don’t fancy fame. Glamor tu tak ke mana 🙂

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