Grass is always Greener…..

Dear Friends,

Apologies for not being able to update the blog as often as I would like. It’s been a “crazy” last few weeks, most of it good but hey that’s life kan!?

Somehow the grass is always greener on the other side. Lots of people tell me that they wish to be in my shoes….not sure why 😉 but I tell them that I wouldn’t mind being in theirs….having a simpler life…9-5 job and loads of free time and stability sounds great to me. But when you are in that position, you feel you wanna do more with your life….and then you end up like me…. hahahahha doing this, that and more & more is coming your way. Commitments pile up and PS2 time becomes a luxury.

Looks? Don’t wanna talk about this too much. Sure they have loads of (often juicy) benefits, but they also can work against you….stereotypes, the “wrong” girls fall for you, but the “right” girls are afraid and find it hard to trust you coz of all the attention one gets.

But if there’s a time to do all this… it’s probably now when you’re “young”, have the energy and no dependencies (kids, wife etc). Hence taking risks to realize your dreams are manageable.

Wouldn’t trade my life (ups and downs) for anything but..sure….sometimes it’s nice to take a step back and enjoy the simpler side of life.

Kemuncak Kegemilangan 😉 hahahahahah

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