Talent = Success = Wealth ???

That’s the rock star dream: fame, money and fortune!

How important is talent? Hmmm….so but its part of the equation lah. How talented are Mawi or Paris Hilton!? Depends on how you define “talent”. But their success is built on a lot of things….in short these people have a “package” that their audience are looking for!

Looks! Yeah the world is a pretty shallow place, especially for female celebs, you won’t find many not-so-good looking people in the Top40, unless they have serious talents like Missy E! After all, why do the Pussy Cat Dolls need 6 (or is it 7) singers if only 1 sings. Sex sells baby and hey, I like em hahahaha 🙂

Connections! May it be family (like Ms Hilton or Mr Richie) or being linked to a reality show like AF, American Idol etc…it def helps a lot! If you start alone…you gotta make your own connections but with AF, for example, you immediately become part of a cult that can make heros from zeros. Does the fame here last? hmmmm not really kot. Family ties probably always will coz people have personal attachments with their fathers or family name, like Lisa-Marie Presley. …no matter how lousy her songs may be..even I’m drawn to her coz of her dad…hahahaha I was a huge Elvis fan when I was little. So yeah I wanna see her do well! For reality shows its NOT quite the same…..people will remember you for about a year…once the new season kicks in, you can still play that “I was in American Idol” card but thats it lah. That’s where genuine talent helps you break off the attachment…like with Kelly Clarkson and yeah, why not…Vince from AF1 is aight in my books. I think coming from a rich family helps too..hmmm dunno who to use as an example here.

Talent! Talent gets you started..in sports you gotta nourish the talent over years in order to create fame and wealth…you have to be in the TOP20…no one cares of you’re hot but ranked 125 in the world….people like winners!

Brains! You gotta know how to use your opportunities and time frame given to you. People forget. Look @ Miss Kournikova….doesn’t play anymore but used her time in the light lime wisely…made loads of money..now she’s neither here nor there. In AF, I think Vince has used his opportunity with AF wisely. You gotta know how to market yourself and create opportunities for yourself. Don’t waste time waiting around for someone to open doors for you. Create your own opportunities.

Know your market and your audience. Fame is short-lived. No one can stay on top forever. Use your time wisely!

So……talent alone doesn’t guarentee squat. You gotta be smart in using your opportunities, know your strength, know your audience (why they like you) and make things happen on your own!

Why am I writing this? For my beloved AF4 students! I want to see you all succeed but you need to wake up from your dream and get real. Life’s not a fairytale.

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