What am I doin now!?

A question a lot of people been asking me lately…..hahahaha…I guess people thought I didn’t have much else to do during AF…its actually busier now but in good ways.
Now is the time for me to ride the “fame-wave”…..lots of opportunities have been popping up (some I created .. some not really but hey…who cares)

What have I been up 2 lately?

– hmmm yeah started another blog
– just wrapped up shooting a Motivation Program for TV2 on Health & Fitness
– been busy preparing material for Health & Fitness based seminars
– taking some time to relax with my other half πŸ˜‰
– sourcing for sponsorships (clothing, memberships etc)…these things don’t present themselves…you have to hunt them down.
– interviews, shoots etc
– attended the FFM19…. felt quite surreal to be there and that the fans where actually ecstatic to see me…. hahahahaa
– will be on Macam2 Aznil soon…
– other than that work with Maxtrition/P and everything else continues as normal. Never actually stopped anyhow.
– planning to tour MRSM schools for talks to current form 5 students on life, university, career aspiration, entrepreneurship etc.
– planning/preparing to conduct regular seminars. Hopefully, they’ll start before puasa.

That’s pretty much it. Sounds like a lot? Well, it doesn’t all happen at once so it’s cool.

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