Bulan Puasa and I! (Update Oct 18th)

Puasa is here and today’s already day #5. So far my stats are looking ok (at least the important ones hahahahaa)

Puasa: 21 /24 <---- have to ganti lah nampaknya :)
Terawih: 4/24 <---- target 6 this year.
Berbuka with family 7/24
Sahur: 23/24
Productivity @ work: 2/10
Productivity after berbuka: 7/10

Sahur for me starts around 430am and end at 435am hahahaha yeah its quick lah. I stay on my own so I stick with cereal and susu. Its fast, good and simple. Its wham-bham-thanku-ma’am hahahahah.

Waking up:
Usually lapar already (maybe its all in my head) but getting ready is quicker coz no breakfast….but i sure do miss my morning coffee.

Working in the am:
Still ok as the sahur meal helps out in keeping me going but I get cold easily as..yelah theres no food to process so the body produces lil heat. Working here is still bearable as long I my headaches are in check.

What lunch? hahahahahah

Working in the pm:
This is when the headaches start (for various reasons) and yeah I’m feeling cold (usually wear my sweater lah…that I haven’t washed since my US yrs hahahahaha). Productivity drops to scary levels as I’m focusing more on “bila nak berbuka” than the work I have to do πŸ™‚

Heading Home:
One word: JAM! Takes me twice as long to get home and the headaches don’t help…but I gotta stop by the pasar ramadhan (usually ampang jaya) to get..well usually chicken lah kot. By the time I reach home its about 650-7…so just nice πŸ˜‰

Buka puasa is always fun….its cute (yeah cute hahahah) that everyone gathers for berbuka, brings some food to the table and together wait and the azan. Then we feast and take our time (unlike on non-puasa days!). What do I have?
First: Kurma! (we stil got some nice big juicy one’s from our Umrah trip (damn….i lapar now)
Drinks: 1 hot and 1 cold
Food: As long as there’s some kind of grilled or fried chicken! πŸ™‚
Desserts: more kurma hahahahahahah

At night:
I try to make it to terawih but definitely not everyday and if I do….its 8+3 only πŸ™‚ . Seronok actually as it makes Ramadhan more special. I usually check the pahala for terawih so see if have to go or not hahahahahha…I know its stupid but I know you people do it 2 πŸ˜‰
If I don’t go to terawih…then I’ll be at home doing some work or something else….

All in all, I find it extremely difficult to work during puasa as I am so used to have something to drink (usually coffee) while I work and feeling hungry is a “lil” distracting. So yeah for me bulan puasa is not very productive in terms of work (and working out) but its good also lah….it gives me the opp to focus on other things like blogging hahahhaha..no no I mean seriously….its a special month that lets you focus on other areas of your life..like your connection to god and family & friends (whom you may not see 2 often otherwise).

Selamat Berpuasa to Everyone!

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