Freakin H.A.Z.E

This is getting ridiculous! Every year the same problem over and over again. Not only is the haze sickening (literally) but its annoying and embarrassing!

I have a friend coming down from Europe today and well I have to greet him to Malaysia and our haze. Sedih jugak lah…….hahahah I’ll probably send him right back to the Airport. Oh well.

Why can’t we do anything about the freakin’ haze?! (other then doa selamat and majlis asking for rain)…..why not we eradicate the fires in Sumatera…..blast them away with some crazy a** weapon hahahahah….sorry, getting carried away here.

But seriously, I would hate for this to continue every year…its depressing! Looks like winter in europe, only worse!

Lets hope that the forest fires in Sumatera and anywhere will “chill”! And yeah…prayin for the rainy season here or there would be nice as well.

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