Movie Review: "The Departed" & Malaysian Censorship

After awesome reviews for the movie in the US (The Departed) and a stellar cast, I was dying to see a good guy movie with lots of trash talking, attitude, violence and maybe some sex hahahaha well not in Malaysia!

Ok lah, I went to TGV KLCC planning to watch “The Covenant” but the guy at the booth said he had 2 more tickets (uncollected) for the Departed. Of couse I took em lah.

How was the movie! A definite must watch but you can read more about the movie on the www. What I wanna bi*ch about is the Malaysian censorship and why the hell the movie got a (U) rating here??!?! It got R (similar to 18+) rating in the US! FYI, MPAA Rating (R): strong brutal violence, pervasive language, some strong sexual content and drug material.

And it should be rated R/18+! Just like any mature mob flick there’s loads of violence and profanity! Without it it wouldn’t be a joke….. when I was watching there are cuts & edits every minute just coz the guys were cursing and trash talking…..its so so so so so fu**ing annoying lah seriously. The movie has so much violence that there’s no way it should be rated (U).

Come on lah Malaysian censorship board…..if that movie doesn’t deserve a good 18 rating, I don’t know what does lah. By editing every lil F word (there must’ve been 50-100 in the movie) you took away all the fun and now I have to buy the pirate DVD once its out but hey don’t blame me…blame the people who couldn’t give the movie a proper rating! I’m sure 18+ yrs olds can deal with a “lil” foul language, trash talking and murder kan kan kan?

If you wanna watch the movie wait for a decent DVD. Don’t go to the movies as it’ll take away all the fun! Trust me!

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