How Someone Snatched 2 Phones Off Me!!!!

What a day lah!!!! Yesterday I had 2 phones, an O2 Mini and a spare Sony Ericsson (for my personal line)….today I have none..well I have my gf’s spare phone but oh well..u know what I mean……What Happened? Wasn’t due to me being careless (in denial here hahaha) but I blame it on inconsiderate human beings or thieves….lets call him/her the lowlife of humanity or LOH!

Here’s what happened:
Went to Cineleisure @ The Curve to watch “The Prestige” right after work. We were in Hall 4 with Seats A12 & 13 (right at the back where there actually is room right behind our row). Like the good citizen that I am, I silenced the phones and left my 2 phones in my laptop front pocket. I’m guessing the LOH saw me using the phones and packing them in the bag. We had a couple seat (and no people, we just watched the movie) and had both feet on the seat (like a “bersila” position).

When Did I Notice? When it was 2 late…..on the way to the car….I looked for my phones but….nada! Immediately went back to the Cinema and had security people bring us back to our seats, in case the phones fell out of the bag etc….but nothing….I looked at the seat arrangements and noticed how there is a small but large-to-fit-a-LOH walkway behind our row (which is all the way at the back)..someone could’ve easily crawled unnoticed behind us and reach out for my laptop bag from underneath without me ever noticing! Damn, if only I would’ve noticed or reached to check my phone! I would’ve given the LOH a beating of a lifetime!

But yes people…we did look everywhere…and yes I traced back my steps and Yes, I called both phones to see if someone found it etc…or to negociate (threaten) with the LOH!

Am I upset!? I didn’t flip out or anything and special thanks to my gf who kept me cool and was my #1 cheerleader all the way through! ..I’ve lost more important things in my life so you learn to let go and move on but still annoyed as hell lah…...not so much about the phone (still got marah one!) but more about all the information I had stored on the O2 (I synced it but not all information)…i know i know…I’ll do it next time! I hope the LOH gets run over by truck! hahahah no lah…but he/she will get his/her punishment eventually! Its Karma! πŸ˜‰

What Now?….buy a new phone lah….which one? Dunno maybe a Dopod or HP…what ya’ll think?

Camera? Is on hold for now :(…but nasib baik tak beli lagi….i call it a blessing in disguise….and funny thing is that we just bought a brand NEW NOKIA5300 for my gf on Tuesday! Irony!

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