Is Life Fair?

Yes – Coz its what you make of it
No – Coz fairness is not always (if ever) rewarded….

Life is not fair…..
– if you see young children losing their innocent lives daily in IRAQ (or anywhere else in the world)
– when you have to deal with corporate bullshit & politics
– if you-know-who dives to win a penalty…
– if the corrupted rich and richer the dirty way…
So yeah, if you look’ll find that life is probably not fair..people get away with vicious crime all the time……

Life is fair…..
– if you focus on what you can control…..
– to me..if I focus on my own goals and the people close to me
Its fair if you focus on your own life…but to do that you have to be a selfish prick.

Am I? No but I do try to focus on the things I can control. In life shit happens….often there’s nothing you can do about it. As I reach (or am in) my late 20’s, I’ve learned to distinguish between whats important and what not important to worry about.

I worry about….
– my health
– my family and the people I love
– my career (whats within my control)
– my relationship with God

I don’t worry about…
– corporate bullshit
– pleasing the world
– what others are doing
– what other have
– misfortunes (they just happen)

It sickens me to see people getting away with crime but I find peace knowing that one sweet day….justice will prevail! 😀

My advice is to focus and worry about the things that you care about and can control! Try to “ignore” what’s out of your control unless you need to face them.

  1. Kev
    just like Syaf, I also like what you mentioned here.. but then sometimes, I can’t help worrying about things.. be it small or big..

  2. Kev
    You’ve been tagged by “Bila Pena Menari”. Come and take a peek at my blog for details. Not sure if you’re into tag but try it anyway..quite fun!…Cherios..!!

  3. I worry about the slightest things. I’m into details and so make life difficult for myself…but for the happiness of my family..

    It’s difficult when you challenge yourself everyday….

  4. Worries..
    I think most women worries alot about all the small2 things. Because all the small ones when you combined it will be VERY BIG!!
    But, I’m so used to worrying abt things.. Hahhahah… Everyday also got things to worry.
    Dont u think men doesnt care at all?

  5. God is universal, God is kind and ever forgiving. Don’t torture yourself by thinking that God is not with you just because you are not ‘obeying’ HIM. For a start be thankful that HE has made you into what you are – a perfect man physically and spiritually.
    Just remember HIM always, in your own special way if you cannot do the proper way. Do not ever abandon HIM in your thoughts and whatever you do. Seek His Guidance and have good thoughts about HIM. Feel His warmth and closeness to you. You are not alone HE is there for you. HE loves you and you must love HIM back for HE has brought you into this world with a special reason. All of us are His creation and HE would not want to see us Suffer in this life. Just feel HIM in whatever you do. Say praises to HIM, He will love you for that. You do not have to do big deeds to please HIM start a little at a time. If you seek HIM HE will come to you no matter what. HE does not hate you or keeping HIS distance from you. HE is the creator and we are HIS humble beings. HE is there waiting for you..Believe and I assure you, you will be a more peaceful person.

  6. Dunia takkan pernah adil..Allah swt saja yg Maha adil..tentu ada hikmah disebalik apa yg berlaku. namun doa itu satu senjata..doa usaha dan tawakkal yg penting. “Allah takkan ubah nasib sesebuah kaum itu jika kaum itu tidak mengubah nasib mereka sendiri..”..kunci hanya 2..doa dan tawakkal.insyaAllah terpelihara dalam rahmatNya

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