Is Life Fair?

Yes – Coz its what you make of it
No – Coz fairness is not always (if ever) rewarded….

Life is not fair…..
– if you see young children losing their innocent lives daily in IRAQ (or anywhere else in the world)
– when you have to deal with corporate bullshit & politics
– if you-know-who dives to win a penalty…
– if the corrupted rich and richer the dirty way…
So yeah, if you look around..you’ll find that life is probably not fair..people get away with vicious crime all the time……

Life is fair…..
– if you focus on what you can control…..
– to me..if I focus on my own goals and the people close to me
Its fair if you focus on your own life…but to do that you have to be a selfish prick.

Am I? No but I do try to focus on the things I can control. In life shit happens….often there’s nothing you can do about it. As I reach (or am in) my late 20’s, I’ve learned to distinguish between whats important and what not important to worry about.

I worry about….
– my health
– my family and the people I love
– my career (whats within my control)
– my relationship with God

I don’t worry about…
– corporate bullshit
– pleasing the world
– what others are doing
– what other have
– misfortunes (they just happen)

It sickens me to see people getting away with crime but I find peace knowing that one sweet day….justice will prevail! 😀

My advice is to focus and worry about the things that you care about and can control! Try to “ignore” what’s out of your control unless you need to face them.

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