14, 15, 16….19A's….what for??

This is something I don’t understand…..what is the need to have 15, 17 19A’s?!? I tak faham lah.

What does it guarantee? Maybe some media coverage and a place in a university….but then I could just as easily get that with 9A…. so kenapa membunuh diri dengan cuba membawa 15+ subjects….what room does anyone have left for personal developments…social skills, sports…fun etc? Sedih jugak lah..if all your youth is spent at home studying.

Does it guarantee you a successful career? Hell no….most of the time work has little to do with how well you can read books its a blend of soft and hard skills. We Malaysians focus sooo much attention on academics that our kids never have much room for personal developments and street smarts…..its sad. Americans are probably the opposite….sure they do focus on academics too but also ensure that students are able to grow creatively, socially as individuals. Our so called extracurricular activities are anything but lah….. most of the time they are not optional and just for cukup syarat.

Will she regret it someday? Don’t know lah….some of my friends that used to be top students…..regret not having enjoyed their youth. Straight A’s will get you the interview but whats going to land you the job is how you “sell” and present yourself….and that you can’t learn from books….that’s all about experience…..and for that you have to live life. Hiding behind books all your life ain’t helping….

I seriously tak faham obsession Malaysia dengan cemerlangan akademik yang melampau. So next year we’ll have someone have 20 maybe 22A’s. Insyallah when I have kids someday…i would want them to have a balanced youth..a balance of fun and academics.

You only live once 😀

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