Here’s a question…

Why is it that are sooooo many people (and cars) at a car accident scene? Who are these people? Work shop people looking to “assist”? Friends? Gangsters (hahahaha)? On-lookers? Kepochees (probably mispelled that)?

Sometimes the kemalangan kecik je…but then there are like 10-15 cars lined up….these “idiots” are the ones that cause major havoc I tell u and jam….. whats up with that?

  1. Kev
    Agreed! These people are actually the cause of the traffic jam.. Accident is on the side of the road, but because of all those kaypochis.. massive traffic jam on both sides of the road..

  2. When I had a car accident in 2005, plenty of ppl stopped just to watch. 1 guy even had the guts to come to me and ask me my car license plate number. What the hell? Another guy came to me and asked me if I fell asleep while driving!! These are really busy bodies with nothing better to do.

  3. Malaysians are curious folks… It’s not as if they are going to help during an accident but they just want to know whether the victims are alright and stuff…

  4. It happens to me last week… I was on the way back from UPM with my friends.. We were stucked on federal highway’s ( for almost 30mins … because of a horrified fatal accident between motorcyclist (i saw his brain..seriously) and a lorry… Azablah I asyik tekan clutch ajer..

    for me it’s okay if jammed occurs in the road when the event happend… but the funny thing happend is the opposite road that have nothing to do with the accidents were also jam… around 15 km long (Subang airport route to mid-valley)… Very curious punya driver.. heheheh

    p/s: curiosity makes other people suffered….

  5. bro kevin, this is malaysia where people are so busy body with others. bukan nak tolong but just tengok and make traffic jam :-p

  6. A day before CNY, I was stuck on MRR2 becos of an accident..then 2 more accidents occurred slightly after the first accident…

    But the 3rd accident was a suspicious one. I suspect it was staged…happened right before me…

    Immediately (in 20 seconds), a fella with a walkie talkie arrived…hmmm…vultures

  7. anonymous:

    so true lah….I use MRR2 everyday…all i can say is this:

    ITS THE WORST “HIGHWAY” in KL…nanti i’ll create a post on how i feel about MRR2 😀

  8. hahah can’t wait… i feel lucky because i’m not pengunjung setia MRR2…. i feel blessed by using NKVE everyday.. LOLs

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