Maxis 3G Home Broadband……sedih I tell you!

Just wanted to share my experience and disappointment with Maxis’ Home 3G Broadband…..
Dah lah mahal (about RM98/month) including modem n all but the connectivity is lousy at best! Macam biskut chipsmore…..kejap ada kejap tak dak! Sedih jugak lah….
Hope Maxis can resolve this…..if not…I’ll be eagerly menunggu for WiMAX! 😀

  1. yelah Streamyx tue bagus.. it’s not good for me… hari2 ada ajer time yg takda line.. rugi lah bayar Rm90 per month…. Ada plak org suka curi kabel..

    Agaknya kenapa Malaysia tak komersilkan kan T1 cable? Mahal kut kos dia..

    User kat luar Malaysia dah ramai guna T1 dekat rumah… Dah la laju… file stream pun pantas…. murah pulak tue (ikut mata wang lar..)

  2. yeah lets face….we in malaysia are a “lil” behind on broadband internet accesss…….compared to developed nations la kot 😀

  3. T1 commercially used in Office… like UiTM (Jabatan Penyiaran) or other communications building… T1 currently can’t be used in residential building…

    Yes i agree T1 is expensive… but it’s for a while i think.. If Malaysia continue to develop T1 technology.. i think T1 will affordable then.

    The connection between DSL and T1 were huge different… if i’m not mistaken T1 is 10Mb at least and DSL is vary from 1.0 to 2.0Mb of higher.

    Internet is not a problem in office building.. they can used LAN technology (only for inter-building i guess).. we’re talking about internet service in residentials.

    In 2 years back, streamyx were pretty good… very stabilize and pretty fast… since Malaysian’s now choose streamyx DSL, streamyx connection become slower and slower because the line gets burden by it.

    (no doubt people like streamyx for p2p shared files.. heheheh @ limewire??.. cough..cough…)

  4. i hope WiMAX will be as fast and widely accessible as promised

    and hopefully it won’t take too long…and not so mahal lah RM100 is probably the ceiling price for me 😀

  5. Here in Australia, both major parties have made the roll-out of broadband as an election bait after a survey found that Australia ranked 25th in avg download speeds..imagine what place Msia would get!!lol
    I’m currently using ADSL2+ with speed up to 23Mbps and the government is investing in Fibre-to-node (FTN) as top fibre optics right to ur home!!! (S’pore already have em!)
    Let us rewind back to 1997 when the MSC was started..where r we now after 10yrs? Still begging for ADSL..sad

  6. there’s gonna be IP hub soon.. but, is it gonna give better bandwidth? i hope so.. because i can download more & more torrent.. bwahahaha..

    btw kevin, why u didn’t subscribe to screamyx err streamyx? u didn’t like wired connection?

  7. haha… Malaysian people loves’ torrent downloads. no wonder streamyx start to ban p2p sharing files.. hehehe

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