Do you care? "Gunman kills 32 in Virginia Tech rampage"

Sure we sympathize…..but people die daily in the middle east! Whenever there’s a tragedy in the US, the world seems to stop but when 32 are slaughtered every day in IRAQ, Afghanistan or Africa…is that normal…does anyone care? hmmmm……. I guess we all have our priorities.

Like it or not, the world can be a cruel cruel world.

  1. sometimes we really sick bout some people, a loner person…we don noe what they’re runnin thru in their mind…but take the act like rampage and murdered was a stupid lah..blajar tinggi2,at last bein a u think it pay the price???

  2. Hello Mr. Kev!

    They’re dying in the middle east because of a war. You can’t say that we have “priorities” about who we care about and who we don’t. No one ever said what is happening in the middle east is “normal”. As far as I’m concern, the korean maniac just went on a shooting rampage killing students at a college because of something his girlfriend did.

    Just because they feel terrible at what has happened in small town Blacksburgh, does not mean that they don’t care what is going on across seas.

    Like you said, its a cruel world..but when something unsuspecting like this happens you can’t help but freak out a little bit.

  3. Hello Bro Kevin!!

    To comment on your thought,

    I think it’s different. Don’t get me wrong what is happeneing over seas, is disgusting, and needs more recgonition.

    But I think this is such a big deal because it was a School Shooting. It’s a bunch of people barely over the age of 18 trying to get educations. And then being shot, dead. It’s still so shocking, even after Columbine, it’s still shocking. School is suppose to be a safe place.

    I mean it’s different then hearing 32 people dying during war… because with war comes death. Are mind contects the two.

    And most people can’t really relate to being in a place so wrecked with war. But a lot of us can relate to going to school. And to think that you could go to school, and never come out is terrifying.

  4. myra, nezz & roronoa…..yeah I understand your views.

    The point about being able to relate it true la….most (including me) I can’t really relate to life in a war torn region…..and yeah I can relate to life in college.

    but had the shooting taken place anywhere else but the US, i doubt that i would be that significant….wat u think? 😀

    after all most major news channels originate from the US.

  5. i’m symphatized of what happend to VT student… the gunners shooting aimlessly…. even Muslim’s student who studied there are still in grief of what happend to their friends….

    The gunners as we know.. he had problems with his psychological… he had been put in counseling before because he’d found peeping some of college girls…. he’s barely talk and prefer to stay away from crowd

  6. kev
    what u said is true
    should this shooting occured elsewhere it wont be this epic
    but considering it happened not in a wartorn place, it shockingly disturbing
    it could have happen anywhere
    aside from the flawed american gun law, i think the glorification of this kind of violence from the media catalyzed this kind of stuff to happen
    somehow i just knew this thing will occur, and it will repeat itself with much more victim involved
    people LOVE gore and tragedy…

  7. I actually kinda agree with you, in newspapers, you can see that the war in Iraq, when more than 40 civilans got killed, the article would be small and at the end there kan, because its like normal…but when this korean guy shot all those americans, papers published long articles for a few days….

  8. It’s the mat sallehs fault. They teased him because he can’t speak good English all the time. So baaadd!!!!

  9. Yo Kev, this is one of the best post i came across, simple but effective and you let the awareness take into action. Couldn’t agree more. Hey, I got an upcoming pet too! I’m buying a parrot (a price of a one year gym subscription, deyyyme!) and getting a Gecko (as my mother would freak out).

    Stay cool and keep in touch.

    Muid Latif

  10. i’m sure if some maniac pull a gun out and killed 32 peoples in UKM it will get the same attention from BBC, CNN, and world community. It’s not about USA getting more attention than war-torn countries it’s about the seriousness of the incidence.

  11. kenneth: are you sure? I doubt that we’ll have extensive world wide coverage of someone gunned down 32 students in UKM…it’ll probably be on CNN and BBC on the day itself but nuttin more….unless of course its a terrorist attack that attack “their” interests.

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