Global Warming – What Can We Do?

Better yet – What are you willing to do!?

I don’t do much (if anything…not much to do..) and am no environmentalist but I definitely appreciate our flora n fauna. What is happening to our environment…and the biggest question is – WILL THE EFFECTS OF GLOBAL WARMING GET BETTER OR WORSE?

Hmmm I personally would think that they can only get worse! Not in a couple of years but progressively laaa…why

– world population will only increase (unless something “major” happens la)
– need for electricity, cars, heat etc can only go up
– more tress and natural habitats will cease to exist
– world’s biggest polluters (like the US) will need to cater the demand of its citizens…so susah la to implement anything.
– no practical technologies exist yet to replace fossil fuels…yet la. Unless that changes memang susah I tell you.

All in all I rasa it will get a lot worse before it’ll get better….another ICE AGE (ala cerita “Day after tomorrow”) ? Probably not but then again nuttin’s impossible.

Ask yourself this question – are you REALLY doing anything for global warming?
I’m not doing much kot…..
recycle? not really coz not real facilities here to recycle…kalau ada pun its no where near I live.
save on fuel (car pool?) – tak jugak
plant trees? – tak jugak….i stay in a condo

So what can I do? all i know is that my fuel, electricity bills are getting more n more…..

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