Global Warming – What Can We Do?

Better yet – What are you willing to do!?

I don’t do much (if anything…not much to do..) and am no environmentalist but I definitely appreciate our flora n fauna. What is happening to our environment…and the biggest question is – WILL THE EFFECTS OF GLOBAL WARMING GET BETTER OR WORSE?

Hmmm I personally would think that they can only get worse! Not in a couple of years but progressively laaa…why

– world population will only increase (unless something “major” happens la)
– need for electricity, cars, heat etc can only go up
– more tress and natural habitats will cease to exist
– world’s biggest polluters (like the US) will need to cater the demand of its citizens…so susah la to implement anything.
– no practical technologies exist yet to replace fossil fuels…yet la. Unless that changes memang susah I tell you.

All in all I rasa it will get a lot worse before it’ll get better….another ICE AGE (ala cerita “Day after tomorrow”) ? Probably not but then again nuttin’s impossible.

Ask yourself this question – are you REALLY doing anything for global warming?
I’m not doing much kot…..
recycle? not really coz not real facilities here to recycle…kalau ada pun its no where near I live.
save on fuel (car pool?) – tak jugak
plant trees? – tak jugak….i stay in a condo

So what can I do? all i know is that my fuel, electricity bills are getting more n more…..

  1. There has been global warming and cooling in the past. Obviously these cycles were not human induced. The difference, barring the sudden climate shifts associated with very large astroid/comet impacts, is that those climate shifts were very gradual over thousands of years. The speed at which the percent of greenhouse gasses are increasing in our atmosphere, the speed at which the climate is changing within THIS period of warming is unprecedented and can only be attributed to human activities such as deforestation and the burning of fossil fuels.

    It should also be noted that when the climate has changed even gradually in the past, mass extinctions occured on the order of 40-60 percent usually starting at the top of the food chain. At the speed the environment is changing THIS time around, the percentage mass extinctions (which we are already seeing) is likely to be much much higher and we have no way of knowing how such a large number of extinctions would impact on OUR ability to survive.

    Don’t get me wrong, life on this planet WILL continue for at least serveral hundred million more years. New forms will evolve. It’s just a question whether our civilization will survive or even if WE can survive with the ecosystem that we are a part of so altered.

    I am optomistic. We are very smart and good at adaptation. I believe humanity in some form will survive no matter what, but, in order for our civilization to survive, in order for our quality of life to continue and even improve we must act SMARTLY sooner rather than later.

    Enough said. 🙂

  2. hey nezz,

    appreciate your point of view. although I agree wit you that our planet has gone through similar cycles, I also believe human interaction is playing a major role this time….

    yeah i don’t think it’ll effect us much now and that the planet will survive this cycle. That said, I am concerned for the future generation, including my anak buah nanti 😀

  3. global warming is overrated.
    it’s not that serious, but its kinda irreversable.
    so chug on that gas dude!

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