My tribute to Nadal!

I dedicate this post to one of my favorite athletes….Rafael Nadal! The guy is good la.

Just like other world class athletes, he possesses certain qualities that make him not only an awesome talent but also a role model.

This is something he is known for……he runs down every ball..no matter what the score line is….he has a never say die attitude that makes him so much fun to watch. Macam boxer πŸ˜€

Despite being blessed with talents….he’s constantly put himself in situation where he had to prove himself against much older and at time more experienced players. That experience makes him so damn seasoned at only age 20! (Federer is 25-26 i think)

Although he’s a fighter on the court….he’s am extremely nice chap of the course. I think thats important lah….respect for others and doesn’t let the fame and success get to him…just like Federer and Tiger Woods jugak la. They do it for passion not for glamor πŸ˜€

Although the guy has won 76 consecutive matches on clay…that doesn’t make him complacent..he sticks to his guns and wants more.

I like the guy la! Nadal kicks buntuts πŸ˜€ hahahaha

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