My tribute to Nadal!

I dedicate this post to one of my favorite athletes….Rafael Nadal! The guy is good la.

Just like other world class athletes, he possesses certain qualities that make him not only an awesome talent but also a role model.

This is something he is known for……he runs down every matter what the score line is….he has a never say die attitude that makes him so much fun to watch. Macam boxer 😀

Despite being blessed with talents….he’s constantly put himself in situation where he had to prove himself against much older and at time more experienced players. That experience makes him so damn seasoned at only age 20! (Federer is 25-26 i think)

Although he’s a fighter on the court….he’s am extremely nice chap of the course. I think thats important lah….respect for others and doesn’t let the fame and success get to him…just like Federer and Tiger Woods jugak la. They do it for passion not for glamor 😀

Although the guy has won 76 consecutive matches on clay…that doesn’t make him complacent..he sticks to his guns and wants more.

I like the guy la! Nadal kicks buntuts 😀 hahahaha

  1. All keep talking about Nadal’s winning streak (72 now). It is the best. But when champions career is over, only thing poeple remember is ” how many Grand Slams they have won, not the winning streaks on a particular surface” That means all Great Champions are known by that standards.

    Nadal is the best clay court player right now but Federer is the second best clay courter and is not far behind Nadal. Last year in Rome they had a very close match and any one could have won. At the French the same story.
    In Monte carlo even it was a straight victory for Nadal, Federer did not play bad at all.
    Nadal played very well but was not one sided. I think Nadal is at his best on clay now but he is beatable.

    Nadal is capable of winning few more RGs but he has to win other Grand Slams to be considered in the elite group. He has many years ahead of him to prove it. He could be our future Great Champion But until then we should stop comparing him with other great champions. Pete Sampras has once said that at the end of the career it is only number of grand slams that counts. So let us wait few years for Nadal to prove it.

  2. Well said Nezz…i agree with you…at 20 yrs ONLY…Nadal has come a long way but still needs to prove himself on other surfaces 😀

  3. wonder how those russian tennis stars be skinny and hot and actually can play tennis
    it must be in the water

    nadal’s cool, but i prefer safin, although he sux big time lately

  4. hi kevin. was blog hopping and somehow managed to land here and saw nadal’s picture, i just had to leave a comment. he kicks ass for sure! i saw him at roland garros last year. but my love is still with federer.. french is about to start!!!!

    btw, just out of curiosity, are you a celeb or something?


  5. hahaha yeah.. for the 1st time federer kick nadal’s buntut on clay. can’t wait for french grand slam to start.. i have a strong feeling federer gonna win this time

  6. roronoa zoro: duh to what? the fact that i do not know who kevin is or i’m not aware of federer’s victory? (to which you are so wrong) but thanks anyway!

  7. aidan – a celeb? not really la….but not to particular about labels.

    yeah damn…nadal sudah kalah 🙁 but he was gonna lose eventually lah…lets hope for an exciting French Open.

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