Darfur women describe gang-rape horror

Makes you bersyukur that we are living in a generally peaceful and civil country….. do read this:

KALMA, Sudan – The seven women pooled money to rent a donkey and cart, then ventured out of the refugee camp to gather firewood, hoping to sell it for cash to feed their families. Instead, they say, in a wooded area just a few hours walk away, they were gang-raped, beaten and robbed.
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  1. Kev
    I really pity those women, trying their best to feed their family, but they ended up having to “feed” some evils. Such cases, I believe also happen here in Malaysia.. As long as the evils are still around, we can’t stop worrying and being skeptic.. hmm..

  2. hmmm
    ya i have one friend here from sudan.. he told me everthing about what happened!!! so sad!!! No actions taken by UN even the Minister…
    If im not mistaken Pak Lah on behalf of OIC ade visit that particular area… Hope some drastic actions will be taken soon…

  3. Evil always reign supreme, while the weak gets weaker. Wonder when will be the day of good triumph over evil arrive.

    Same thing happen in Juarez, Mexico border. God bless the innocents.

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