My kitchen was on Fire! (True Story)

nuclear_fireball.jpgEver been in a fireball? hahaha…me neither. at least not til last friday. here’s what happened
I headed back home after my routine workout @ Fitness First. Mula2 I was supposed to makan with my family but then they keluar. Since I was too lazy to stop somewhere to get food, i decided to just goreng some chicken wings (I know its not healthy but hey I lapar and its friday)…
So I got back home and panaskan the minyak while I watched tennis highlights (TV) and checked my emails….. but since the panaskan minyak usually takes forever, i tutup the periuk this time (probably not a good idea)
So after a while ( I must’ve been distracted by the TV)……nami-nami (my kuching) started to run around and I saw smoke coming out of the kitchen. I tak panic la coz I would expect smoke from hot minyak….so figured “hey no big deal” but headed to the kitchen to start my ayam goreng. But when I got to the kitchen, it was on FIRE!!!! mainly from the pot of minyak that was in flames.
The flames dah ceiling high….and I’m talking big flames that covered the stove area. I immediately turned off the gas and rushed to the toilet and got a large towel. I angkat the pot and placed (more like campak) it kat lantai dapur. Then rushed to pandamkan the burning kitchen cabinet with my towel (took a few seconds)…..now the burning pot which had flames that were 3-4 feet high.
I grabbed my kettle and poured water all over it…you know what happened? I guess due to the sudden energy surge from hot/cold…..all the energy was released in a fireball that covered the entire kitchen….. and yours truly was right in the middle of it all. Scary I tell you, I felt the heat wave go right through me. At that point i takut jugak coz at that moment you don’t know if the fireball is just the beginning or whether sekejap only (but now I’m gald i switched of the gas first).
What happened next? Tiba2 it was all over…the flames… all dah gone. Only smoke was left. Looooots of smoke. At least the worst was over. I opened all the windows, doors. Lil later the apartment security guard came over telling me that he saw a sudden bright light OUTSIDE my apartment kitchen area. Wow…the fireball besar jugak la.
But overall I tak panik…. i call that my surivial instinct. But a bit shocked after that thinking about what could have been and havent cooked since 😀

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