Apa dah jadi dengan amanah!?

One thing i memang tak suka is orang yang tidak pegang kepada amanah yang diberikan. really menysusahkan I tell you. why is it that people take responsibilities so easily tapi don’t bother untuk melaksanakannya? if you rasa you cannot fulfill as task, its better for to just say “No, I can’t do it”.
Leceh I tell you! You may ask what happened? Hmmm to make a long story short. Someone was supposed to submit some work to my publisher. after delays on that persons part and asking for extensions..which we agreed to…now tiba2 hilangkan diri. Dunno what happened to him.  And akhirnya, I have to stay up all night and clean someone else’s mess. why because its my project and my responsibility to do the best job possible.
Thats life i guess. Good people are hard to find.

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