MRR2 – Thank you for Traffic Jams!

mrr3.jpgDamn…..I have to say that MRR2 is the worst highway I have been on….I use it almost daily to commute between ampang n subang. Pathetic highway I tell you.

Accidents Daily!

Why? Coz got sooooo many low and high speed zones, bottlenecks, extreme slopes and yeah we malaysians aren’t too nice on the roads la….and due to these high-low speed zones…you can see plenty of bumper-to-bumper-to-bumper-to-bumper (you get the point) accidents.

Trailers & Lorries Get Stuck!

Where? at the slopes la…coz they are soooo steep at some point that they either crawl up at 10km/h or simple can’t make it can block off traffic. This, my friends, happens daily! I dunno what the road planners/constructors where thinking la. Planning is totally out the window!

What da f***?!?!?!

Let me say this – a tractor has no business on the roads! Any kind of public road….menyusahkan everyone else…..this doesn’t too often but if it does, it’ll sure coz unnessary jams. Happened to me this morning yeah on MRR2..where else…where a tractor was cruising along at 20km/h and caused a moving-bottleneck…..pain in my a** hahahahah.
mrr1.gifNot too mention the closure of the MRR2 section along Gombak/Setapak (was it?)
I dunno…. I don’t think much will change but if the JPJ/JKR/etc reads this, perhaps we can start by completely banning tractors and all non-commercial vehicles! 😀 I would greatly appreciate that.