What will happen to Proton

Proton LogoPerusahaan Otomobil Nasional Berhad – a company I know all to well… trust me I do. Proton seems to be selalu in the news – often for the wrong reasons.
Somehow the “takeover” or “transformation” talk is getting old and the company will continue to slide into nowhere until something drastic happens.
I truly believe that that Proton mempunyai potensi yang baik but things need to change and they need to change things  drastically & quickly.
The options presented Proton are..well….plenty also la. Each has its pros and cons.

But what do you think should happen?

Note: Did you know what Proton is not actually involved with the partnership discussions?! Its all about Khazanah and the government. Then again, you can call khazanah government also, right? 😉

  1. my personal opinion is that it’ll be a local & foreign combo 😀
    Like this:
    1. khazanah gets rid of its shares
    2. Sells portion to foreign
    3. Another portion to local partner
    Why? Cause proton needs both. If only foreign than somehow sayang la and most of the local suppliers will lose out (as suppliers). But if local only than I don’t think much will change.
    So for me, the solution (best for Malaysia) is a combo where foreign partner get what they want but don’t have veto power 😀
    Dunno if this is possible though. We’ll see.

  2. hee. i’ve always believed and even if i didnt,i try to make believe that proton can go far,by all means. I mean, obviously i drive one. and they do produce good cars.
    the prob is,sbb it has alot of political-influence in its, management (top mgmt) i guess, and that have actually stunted the growth of this co. kecewa? yes.Itulah,tgk other car co. (m’sian brand *not quite) sihat wal-afiat. so, its just.. disappointing to see Proton jadi mcm nih. Hisk.

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