Is this too revealing? (M’sian Singer Arrested)

idayu.jpgThis story has been making headline news around Malaysia today, where a female singer in a night club (in Perak I think) got arrested…. not for her “revealing” fashion sense but simply because she is a muslim working at a nightclub?

Jadi, is it too revealing?

from a muslim point of view (POV), of course la. anything that doesn’t tutup aurat would be “too revealing”….but a liberal POV its pretty much the norm (biasa la).

Should she have been arrested?

If, and only if, i was a mufti (and thought like one), I’d just give her a warning and tell her to find another job. Maybe the mufti was having a bad day 😀
To the international community news headlines like this are pretty shocking but if you understand the Islamic laws and the people that “enforce” them, then you’d probably understand them better.

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