Why Malaysia Failed – Asian Cup 07?

malayasia2.jpgDriving back home yesterday, I terdengar someone (radio news) blaming Malaysia’s Asian Cup performance or failure on “lack of talent”! I totally disagree. I rasa we Malaysians are full of talent but we never get to “polish” it…hmmmm but who’s to blame?
All in all, world-class athletes are not born overnight. A lot of work, planning and fine-tuning goes into producing athletes that can perform on a global arena. Talent alone will not get you there.
Here’s what I think….

  1. malayasia1.jpgThe Football Association – Althetes like Michael Ballack or Ronaldo do not rely on talent alone. They need a body or organization to harness their progres, to help and guide them along. Only then will they have a chance to reach their potential.
  2. Lack of competition – Sorry to say but most Malaysian athletes are weak mentally as they hardly compete on a consistent basis. Setakat pertandingan daerah sekali setahun is not going to be enough to instill the “killer instinct”.
  3. malayasia3.jpgThe athletes – In fact I believe there are numerous players that never make it to the big stage because
  4. Malaysia? – Can we blame Malaysia so perhaps not being be able to provide the potential athletes with enough talent? I don’t think so…..is our culture to blame? hmmm maybe…but again I don’t thats the problem. What about the fact that we Asians are physically inferior? Yes but why not make sure of sport science effectively thats widely used for Korean or Japanese athletes to make them stronger and fitter..

    More strength + fitness = an increase in mental strength 2!

For me world class athletes are not born overnight they need to be diasuh over years. Asuh means – guidance, development, training and competition to make them into a well-rounded athletes. World-class athlets bukan bermaksud athlete terbaik dunia but athletes that can compete on the world stage.

  1. this may sound stupid but i think malaysian will neve ever be good in sports internationally, kecuali for occasional talents like once every 15 years or something. just accept the fact. the more we struggle the more we’ll choked. we r genetically designed to be suck at sports. let it go…

  2. dulu dah ada youth development program, tapi cancel sebab nak instant result. mana bole camtu. sekarang tanggung malu. skuad bwh 20 ada potensi. given time and chance, they will shine.

  3. Other than lack of talent, experience, pyhsical strength and quality from the FAM. I think they should improve the youth development program big time. Footballer from other country start playing ball from young age with proper training and suitable competitions. Many footballer start playing at the age of 5 and till all the way with proper training, coach and gain a lot of experience from there. You can tell it from all the great players, they start playing from the day they learn to stand 😀

  4. Nicholas – I agree with you 100%! The youth development program here is not great (to put it nicely)….
    I grew up with the German system…..it was extremely efficient and helped me reach my potential as a 13 yrs old…..then I arrived in Malaysia and that was that 🙁

  5. For me… sukan kite ni byk sgt politik…dah la nak berebut jawatan, after that yg jd board of director pun kaum kerabat or geng2 dia je..
    Klau kite nak improve kite kena tukar kesemuanya…then kite follow German or Europe country punya football association..

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