Busy busy… & new laptop

Post raya work and new laptop r driving me nuts….

Almost a week since my last post. Lots of post raya work to catch up on and got a new laptop so its been a pain in the a$$ to set it up….moved from XP to Vista and installing certain software of leceh I tell you.

Now its pretty much all set up and should be back with posts soon…

Oh BTW….my book fitness 24/7 should be available for pre-order next week 😀

  1. carl – i got a vaio VGN FZ-25G. So far so good la, except for vista driving me nuts.

    efi – yes…will be available at ALL major bookstores in malaysia, singapore & brunei….online cepat sikit as we can take pre-orders here. actually launch will be in January.

  2. Vista tu baru lagi..tak stabil lg kan so its kinda complicated…I just stick to XP..

    Bro memang takde laptop ke sebab baru beli? Atau laptop hilang?

  3. nezz – my old laptop…well its old n not mine :D…time for a new one…..cam preinstalled with vista etc so thats that. Actually vista is ok….installing software yg leceh.

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