Proton VW Talks are OFF?

proton_badge_02.jpgSurprise surprise? Yes and no.
Why? Coz we (Proton) has konon-kononnya shown positive signs that has restored khazanah’s faith in the company. Posivite signs? Yeah like new “popular model”, improved exports, better cash flow….Aiyoooo….typical I tell u. although I always thought the tie-up was just a matter of time…Proton has managed to surprise me yet again.
What if next year if the problem kembali? Talks resume again? hahahah probably just an excuse for some people to vacation in Wolfsburg, Germany. 😉

Proton’s biggest problem in my opinion ada dua:

  • khazanah….who behinders proton from becoming a real corporation. Why? Coz you have people making decision who are not actually working in the company and always “only” have an outsiders point of view. Furthermore, they’ll always akan membuat keputusan yang terbaik untuk negara..for malaysia..daripada whats terbaik untuk Proton.
  • human capital….the overall human capital in Proton is menyedihkan and not motivated…people have been there are 10, 15…20+ years…..you cannot change the mind set of people that have been there this long. what is their motivation for change? In order for the company to turn around for the better and for the long term…the human capital in Proton needs to change….did you know what most people in Proton would happily leave the company if it offered VSS? Is that loyalty?
  • Proton oh Proton….. being a former Proton scholar and have personally worked with you, why oh why can’t you see that…..sambung sendiri 🙂

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