Whats the value of an “A” in schools these days?

In the recent PMR result announcement so many students get 8As. Keistimewaan tu dah tak ada. Its more to please our Malaysian Education Ministry.

SPM graduation MRSM PC 96This post is a little off topic…but something I feel very strongly about and always stress whenever I conduct any of my education/school/career talks. Getting an A in Malaysia’s education system is overated….more often than not its too easy. You can also check out my post on Why in the world does anyone wanna get 15A1?

8As? So what!

In the recent PMR result announcement soooo many students a 6, 7 8 or even more 8As. Keistimewaan tu dah tak ada. So you get 8As does it really mean really deserve or is it to please the statistics of Kementrian Pendidikan Malaysia supaya setiap tahun adanya “peningkatan” dalam jumlah “pelajar cemerlang”?

What is a “pelajar cemerlang?”

If you ask the Malaysian education system..its those that excel academically and participate (or rather forced to) in extra curricular activities. Jadi to excel academically mest ada banyak A. mrsm spm 96Hahahaha i think this is a joke and the only thing system pendidikan Malaysia berjaya menghasilkan adalah pelajar yang book smart….without any real personal growth…but are they really that book smart pun? Getting an “A” today is not what it used to be.

Do most students really deserve their “As”?

Not at all! I rasa most are even surpised themselves when they get their results. And those yang really deserve their As are probably bengang coz how come people yang tak seberapa selama ini tiba2 dapat A. How do you distinguish the really excellent student from the good ones. How do you distinguish those that get 95/100 from 82/100? Yet kedua-duanya dapat A? Thats just wrong.

…those yang really deserve their As are probably bengang coz how come people yang tak seberapa selama ini tiba2 dapat A

spm mrsm dorm pengkalan chepa 96You may say…”biar lah….diorang tu belajar kuat dah”.I’m sure they do but biarlah getting an A tu be something special for very few that really deserve it. I used to be there jugak….sitting for my PMR and SPM….and I know that ramai (in my opinion) don’t deserve their A!

Where are we heading?

Sampai bila are we gonna see more and more kids getting 7, 8A. In Germany getting an A is absolutely susah giler. It should be here are well. Right now….UPSR and PMR exams are a joke..SPM is not too far behind…I don’t know what to make of the kids yg get straight A. It just doesn’t hold any value any more.

I don’t know what to make of the kids yg get straight A. It just doesn’t hold any value any more.

  1. betul2.. kelakar tgk gambar u kat mrsm…
    luculah.. muka jambu jer.. tahunbiler yer..
    tak nak citer ker kisah u kat mrsm dulu.. nak juak dengar..

  2. salam KEV
    Bila tgk pic U kat MRSM u pun teringat my pic masa sek dulu… entah mana i letak!! hehehe..kena pungguh balik kotak2 buku zaman sek dulu. pada waktu sekarang nie i rasa zaman yang paling best adalah zaman sek… tak kena pikir pasal duit, masalah ekonomi, tak perlu risau pasal hal2 oarng dewasa macam kita sekarang nie kan… yang penting study jer. betul tak? tahun 96 u form berape? lupa nak wish.. Selamat TAhun Baru. Semoga Tahun ini meberi lebih keberkatan dan kebahgiaan pada Kev n Family n orang tersayang.. Take care.. 🙂

  3. eddie – lucu? hahahah normal la tu….. will share my cerita @ mrsm nanti.
    fren – yeah….best times are time sek dulu…no real problems selain daripada homework, friends etc.
    Happy new year to all of you jugak 😀

  4. The students in this country are content-based learning not process-based learning. That’s what should be changed by the Kementerian. The Kementerian should change to process-based learning like in the other countries. Process-based learning is better cause students can require what they want to learn not like the content-based learning where students in this country have to learn every topics to sit for the exams.

  5. hi kelvin nk tanya camne nk diet dgn betul sedang i kjer shift cara mkan tak teratur lps tu plak xcercise cume 3x smiggu cukup ke?mcm2 dh buat nk dapatkn saiz body yang mantap di usia 26 tahun ni….side up 20x shari tp perut still boroi lg camne tu…..

  6. It is so true… I was thinking the same thing. The govt keep changing the examination format whenever they change the minister. Like in the UK.. They have the same format for so many years (eg. A Levels, etc)
    BTW it seems that you are in the same MRSM as I do just that I’m your 1 yr senior;-)

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