SPM 2008 – Whats Happening To Our Education System

Its SPM 2008 and yet again we have more A’s. The value of an “A” in Malaysia’s SPM is a joke….it has no value. And of course another record breaking student 21A’s, Azali Azlan.

I write about this every but every year it annoys me more and more……oh yes people its SPM time. And of course:

  • “5.2% increase in number of students obtaining straight As” (TheStar)
  • “SPM: Azali Azlan dapat 21 A”(Utusan Malaysia)

….the value of an “A” in Malaysia’s SPM is a joke….it has no value.

Pendidikan Malaysia Hari Ini

I feel its very sad….menyedihkan. All the system is concerned bout is academic performace. How is it measured? Simply by how many A’s or where one is ranked among kawan-kawan setingkatan.

My Beloved Sister Naailah

naailah SPM 2008My sister Naailah also sat for her SPM last year and got her results…..how did she do? Great 5-6A and the rest Bs. Did she study hard for it? hahahahah no (sorry naailah).

Does she deserve the results?..as a brother who loves her “yes she does”…otherwise I’d say no. A lot of people who get so called A’s don’t deserve them. The boy who got 21A’s is no genius la, pls….a genius wouldn’t bother taking 21 subjects to begin with. Azali Azlan is simply a victim of Malaysia’s trend to have as many As as possible…its sad

The boy who got 21A’s is no genius la, pls….a genius wouldn’t bother taking 21 subjects to begin with.

Apa yang patut berlaku?

Azali Azlan 21A’s SPM Malaysia 2008A1 should be gila hard to get….better still, forget As, Bs etc…why not tell them what their percentages are? At least that way I can distingush a student who scored 99% in Math and the one that also scored an A only managed 81%. Coz today, how can you distinguish the really talented kids from the rest if everyone keeps scoring As!?!?!?

Coz today, how can you distinguish the really talented kids from the rest if everyone keeps scoring As!?!?!?


Every year…we hear more and more kids getting more and more As…..why? Proabably it makes the Pendidikan Malaysia look good. Politics? I dunno but saya rasa situasi pendidikan sekolah rendah and menengah di Malaysia is not moving forward. We make get students who score more As but they are just as naive, ignorant and need to be spoon fed all the time.

We make get students who score more As but they are just as naive, ignorant and need to be spoon fed all the time.

To end this off…congrats once again to my sis, Naailah, for all her “hard work” (just kidding) and “determination” hahahah just kidding.

  1. >21A’s is no genius la, pls….a genius wouldn’t bother >taking 21 subjects to begin with. Azali Azlan is simply a >victim of Malaysia’s trend to have as many As as possible…its sad
    ish takkan kiasu kot Kevin.
    Kehidupan bukannya semua pasal dapat semua A
    dalam SPM, tapi,dia dah buat yang terbaik.
    so kita patut puji & encourage him.

  2. anoy, rak ter – i am mean ke? hahaha hmmm i’d rather be “mean” but at least i’m being realistik…
    satu lagi masalah is that budaya kita cepat sangat memuji….dunia sebenar is not like that…. 21A tidak menjanjikan apa2…..i have met ramai pelajar yang merupakan pelajar terbaik etc….tetapi selain daripada pandai membaca buku, there is not much there. ..no confidence…tak pandai communicate…very close minded dll….
    tak semua like that…but again, saya tak salahkan Azali but the system pendidikan malaysia that is too linear.

  3. Hey! I did study hard for the subjects i got A for! Ur so mean..! the one i didnt get A for.. haha.. i didnt have hope for it. but i still did study. =)

  4. I agree with u Anoy….ohhh I lupa plak..kevin cakap ..” Azali Azlan tada genius”…”Itu orang banyak bersenam boleh bagi itu orang genius…Ahahahaha…bengong tul lah kau ni kevin. Jangan perasan yag kita ni bagus sangat… Budak tu dah memang top student..Yang ko kutuk dier wat per…whatever…

  5. anbe – u r missing the point!
    1. my statements takde kena-mena with senaman!? hahaha
    2. being genius got nuttin to do dgn scoring As. Just buktikan bahawa you can baca buku….there’s a difference.
    3. Top student pun tak bermakna u r a genius. Again means, yes….you are “intelligent” and rajin….but not automatically a genius….
    Malaysian’s are 2 fast to label “small” achievements…contoh:
    “oh jenama malaysia sudah dijual di luar negara…so ia adalah produk bertaraf antarabangsa”
    “bendera malaysia side-by-side dgn bendera Russia (Angkasawan)….maka kita sudah setaraf dengan Russia?”
    Check out this post “Malaysia – why do desperate”

  6. actually i agree with kevin.I’m sure the kid is “smart”, “baik” and all but that doesn’t make him a genius lah.
    malaysia’s education system is overrated.
    betol or not bro?

  7. Malaysia’s education system is defintely academic sided! It really causes a trend nowadays called “mengantuk”. As olympic games approach, as an olympic fan i wish to reminded everyone that malaysia haven’t win a single medal yet since Atlanta 1996. Our sports interests and development therefore has to be hampered by boring academics these days. I feel astonished too to learn that even some international gold medal athletes can speak very well than most Malaysians under “mengantuk” education environment. So, my point here is, 21As in academic or an olympic gold medal, which do u choose? Is spoon feeding is worthy for education or sports?

  8. Kev, everytime SPM results comes around it sure annoys the hell out of you, eh? Haha…
    Anyway, for those of you who didn’t know, Kevin ACTUALLY was also a TOP scorer when he took his SPM at MRSM Pengkalan Chepa (among the top students if not the top himself), so he is actually “qualified” to give his input.
    His beef with the overrated exposure of these so-called excellent achievers is that although they have been proven to be book smart, their street smarts leaves a lot to be desired. For example, how many of these so-called high achievers throughout the years have you heard excelling in other aspects of their life after SPM? I rest my case.
    Nevertheless, I am compelled to wish congratulations those who did well and scored straight As in the recent SPM, they certainly work hard for it and for this deserve to be commended. But there is more to life than just books. I think that is the whole point of this particular post.
    And to Naailah, congrats on your results! Bila nak belanja? Haha!

  9. i agree wit u kevin. every year the results are increasing.. x penah pon decrease.. theres something fishy bout it. they want all to see them good.. they can alter the markah lulus, markah for As and such.. by doing so, our education system annually jadi makin teruk.. macam main game pakai cheat.

  10. Your poor souls maybe tak kenal Siti Fatimah ‘the unannounced Best SPM Student 2006’.
    She got 18 A (she beat Amalina no doubt).
    She was the head prefect.
    Wakil sekolah pingpong & bola tampar.
    Badminton hingga peringkat negeri.
    Debat Bahasa Arab peringkat zon.
    Guys, jangan la dengki orang berjaya. Cari sebab nak kutuk orang. Walhal u guys tak selidik pun gaya hidup diorang.
    Great people won’t belittle others. That says alot about u guys.

  11. kevin,
    i suggest you bertanding dalam pru tahun 2012..then you jadi politician..mana tau, you dpt jd menteri pelajaran…maybe you can make the changes..haha =P

  12. Hey kevin…
    hmm…what i’m gonna say is what your write is wrong…bukannya apa…ape yang ko tulis mean-la bro…
    This people doing their best to capai what they wanted…mcm you jugak…have your own carrier because of your hardworkinglah apelah…
    Azali nie jugak hardworking bukannya genius… saya tngk sendiri… saya dah kawan dia lama dah… we go to the same school… i’m studying in his group(but my result not that great haha….)….sblom dia nak ambik tue dia ada cakpa ngan saya…and saya just support dia… saya tanyala kenapa nak ambik banyak snagat…and he said that dia nak challange himself and bleh dak dia harungi semua tue…and he did… Sometimes kita kena tngk perspektif yang postif…negatif is bad bro…
    so think positive!!!

  13. hey people,
    Why you all so sensitive one? 😉
    The post is not specifically about Azali nor Fatimah or any other “top scorer”. Based on our education system, the number of As a student gets, for me, is no longer a good measure of my expectations.
    My post is to comment the overall education system in Malaysia that is menyedihkan. Sure there are a lot of Malaysian students that are gifted (gifted does not = genius) but the standard of an A is sad!

  14. im totally agree with u bro kevin. our education system is examination orientated. most of our students r damm great when its come to theory, but when they on the street, they r clueless. genius its self its a mean word by the way. sorry to say la…
    please jangan bangga sangat dengan result spm. mmg bagus dapat results gempak, satu msia tau. but what happen after that ? that is matters anyway. cos there r a lot of different between school and after school education.
    and again i agree with u bro kevin. we malaysians are too sensitive when its come to ppl critics on us. do thing before response ppl. bro kevin here just give his opinion on our education system. he didnt critics all those student who get so many A’s.

  15. You guys ever heard of Sufiah Yusof (half Malaysian). A math genius enrolled in Oxford at the age of 13! Now..shes 23 and she is a hooker (pelacur) in England.
    Whats the point?! Well shows that kids are meant to be kids….let them enjoy their lives. How is she ever supposed to develop a social balance if she is always an outcast! an outcast not because she’s a genius but because she was always surrounded by people much older.
    In live, we all need balance but hey, its all in your hands.
    Read more here.

  16. Bro.. sadis nyer komen. Kalu pikir2 bukan salah bebudak SPM ni.. tapi our education system. try survey subjek budak2 darjah 1 nowdays.. anak I kena belajar subjek agama islam dgn buku teks tulisan Jawi! I pun tk pandai apa lg bdk drjh 1. then ada subjek Bahasa Arab, again teks book in arabic written.
    apa nk jadi? gila kot darjah 1 belajar heavy cam tu.. it’s about time to do CM (ChangeManagement) in education line.. letak je PTD dlm pentadbiran mereka.. so cikgu2 ni boleh tumpu mengajar sahaja.

  17. arap2 buleh tkar sistem pendidikan..
    huh…a is notim..
    best students kt skola shayer..
    xreti bgaul pon..certain la..
    ngan bku 24 jam..
    nk suh wat bnda out of silibus memg x bley..
    bijak k gitu?

  18. salam,
    sekadar mncelah tuk topik pendidikan ni,
    ada pelajar yg top scorer ni sume betul2 bijak,x dinafikan perkara tu,tapi yng menjadi masalahnya adalah bilangan manusia2 yg mnjadi mgsa dgn keadaan sistem pendidikan di ngara kita ni,sape lg klu bukan genrasi mudalah,x salah tuk cri a bnyk sejuta sekalipun,tp adalah salah sekiranya ia menjadi satu fenomena yang wajib dan juga satu benchmark yg perlu diikutim oleh seluruh ibu bapa kt msia ni.dalam bhasa flsafah mereka menyebutnya sebagi monetry system.Itu yg mnjadi masalah pd sistem pendidikan d ngra kita.Masalah terhadap mereka yg gagal!dan jumlah meraka yg gagal ini lah yg majoritinya,kerana apa?kerana pendefinisian gagal tu telah dibentuk oleh benchmark tadila.sebbnya pendidikan di ngara kita terlalu berorientasikan peperiksaan,sehinggakan kecerdasan lain yg terdapat dlm diri pelajar tu terbantut.Xsalah mereka yg mndapat atau berusaha utk dpt a,tp jgn benarkan ibubapa bertindak ‘zalim’ thdp anak2 dgn mgabaikan “kehidupan” sebenar mereka disebabkan keperluan dalam pendidikan sebegini.sebab itu sistem pendidikan di ngra kita perlu dikaji balik,n i sokong apa yg kevin ckp,namun x juga mnentg student2 yg terlibat dalam fenomena ‘rat race’ ni.yg salah bukan mereka,tp sistem itu yg perlu diperbetulkan,salam

  19. Make sense, Kevin. And another pointer i would like to make is that most of the students i see usually studies just for the sake of getting A’s! They study because nak pass exam atau nak score exam. Tapi selepas exam habis, semua knowledge all dumped aside and have fun!
    This systems has to be changed!

  20. I bercakap bagi pihak cikgu.. sebenarnya kami betul-betul tertekan bila ada cadangan nak tukar sukatan pelajaran… bila tukar cukgu kena pi kursusu, murid kena tinggal, parent marah sebab tak dakganti.. balik kursus kena buat borang ni borang tu.. sebab nak tau feed back.. budak kena tinggal sebab masa untuk spent isi borang punya lah banyak…sebenarnya semua ni sebab guru terpaksa mengajar blangan murid yang terlalu ramai sekelas.. i tengok kat tv.. budak nya tak sampai 25 orang.. baru guru boleh tumpu..bayangkan macamana nak ajar murid darjah 1 kalau seramai 40 orang? kalau anak sendiri 3 orang pun pening..

  21. Hi Kevin…
    u got a really interesting topic here..that’s wht i think of d msian eductn system too..my career as a teacher is only ‘recognized’ if i can produce more As stdnts than last year’s..i tell u wat..tching eng as a 2nd lnguage in one of d interior parts here in sabah is ..OMG..God knows how hard it is..i teach to my best capability n i smile if my stdnts can at least understand n use simple english…knwing it is hard 2 learn i never expect them 2 score A..but if they do tht wld b a bonus..the problem wth our edction system is it tends 2 aim for As..cos Bs Cs Ds Es are not welcome cos they r not gud enough..so as teachers, if only few of our stdnts got A then it seems tht we will b labelled as ‘not that excellent’ teachers…so for me..I will just go 2 my fav corner n lick my wound…sad.

  22. mamamia & gee, thansk for your feedback, lagi2 since you are cikgus. i have friends who also are teachers and complain bout the same….too much pressure on getting As, too many students etc.
    so what to do?

  23. i agreed ..msia’s spm standard n other exam 2 is very low..n wat more answer can be given in bilingual n [jawi] 2 ..n now they r considering changin eng in math n science 2 bhs msia..guess they have nothin 2 do..

  24. ehm..watever pn… iknow..azali always da bes..
    mmg la btol..dia 2 bkn genius..tp rajin..
    dr drjah 1 smpai fom 5..dia stay kt ranking fes..
    xpenah jatuh…so..sesape pn jgn la don ngutuk2 azali 2….lantak dia la…he do this untuk kpuasan dri dia…

  25. kevin… u ckp psl ni xda kna mgena ngn azali n fatimah..
    tp apesal u asyik mention nma diaorang je…
    nmpk sgt u pnye xpuas ati 2…control2 la cket…
    dlu pn u pnh dpt top stdnt gk kn..bsykur la 2…

  26. sy dulu spm a 1 pun xde..skg study dgree 2nd year.haha
    x semestinye byk A jd genius..life after spm saper yg tahu..only god

  27. memang la azali bukan genius..
    yg geniusnya adiputra..
    azali juz intelligent ones..
    well..azali boleh jd model utk anak2 muda sekarang..
    xleh kata EQ saja yg penting..
    IQ N EQperlu seimbang..
    azali mmg contoh pelajar terbaik buat masa ni..
    dia juz nk cabar diri sendiri..biarlah..
    kitapun ada target kita sendiri..
    misalnya”aku nk atasi markah pelajar terbaik dlm kelas aku”..
    itu je…
    azali tu cemerlang orgnya..
    even dia belajar bukan utk dunia semata..tapi akhirat juga..
    kita boleh lihat macam mana amalan dia waktu periksa..

  28. anyway juz giv my personal opinion…
    tapi menurut cikgu saya..
    sistem pelajaran kita kat malaysia ni agak susah..
    well bagus jugak..
    but kadang teacher2 kat school tu sekali-sekala perlu bawak student mereka belajar di luar bilik darjah..pastu aplikasikan pengetahuan ttg benda2 kat luar tu dgn subjek yg tgh dipelajari..baru r senang nk faham..
    n praktikal kena wat slalu…mcm subjek sains buat r byk experiment utk fahamkan murid2..
    itu terpulang kpd guru masing2..

  29. walaupun azali bukan genius tapi dia bijak..
    dia org biasa gak cam kita semua..
    tapi..belum tentu kita dpt atasi rekod kecemerlangan dia..
    so xyah nk pertikaikan lg topic ni..

  30. xsemestinya org pandai je..
    mesti xleh bergaul..
    xleh r cakap camtu..
    org ada different types of personalities la..

  31. That dude who got 20A’s sat for add science even when he was already taking physics, chem and bio. Yup guys, that’s how ‘smart’ he is. Anyway I bet the real reason he took all those subjects was to show off how smart he is…Seriously, even if you have a million A’s it doesn’t means that you’re better than anyone else. It’s not juz the IQ that counts peeps!!

  32. Wait, Azali is a genius~!
    How do I know?
    Bcos I met him.
    He was so humble and willing to share his knowledge with others.
    True, we should excel in both academics and sports.
    But what if there’s people we trained for sports and at the same time force him to study?
    If the people includes you, I bet you’ll go crazy with the professional training. Or maybe stressed enough to make you moan and scream.
    So my point is there should be people who excel in academics only and there should be people who excel in sports only. And who can excel in both, its a gift.
    So, why Azali is a genius?
    It’s because he knows that all the critics behind him WONT CHANGE anything.
    Well, except for honing the criticism skills.
    It is also because he thinks for his future and mind not others’ business.
    While some of us here, comment on this and comment on that.
    And our comments won’t change the fact that we are not bornt genius.
    Hope this will brighten some of the hating and disheartened souls brooding over certain imperfect matters.
    And wish me good luck getting my SPM results in March 🙂

  33. @Azam: Is Azali genius?—Maybe. Humble and good in agama doesnt make anyone a genius. 21’As doesnt make anyone genius. Hafal buku text and soalan2 lepas peperiksaan yang lepas pun tak menjadikan seseorang itu genius.
    So let’s talk about being a genius. Is he a problemsolver? Let’s go to the specific branch, environment. Could he find any new solution for our environment problem? Could he proof it then? If he does, can he delivers or presents his idea so that the people could trust his idea? Ok he make it to the next level,could he works together with other dont-get-so-many-A’s people to produce some great product? What if the goverment says, you can only produce this product if you work together with one of our company, could he or how would he handles this? If he does, could he compete with other competitors around the world promoting his idea then and arguing about others solution? We are just talking about one branch, arent we? So which branch does make Azali a genius? ‘Writing SPM paper’ Industry? you got to be kidding me now.
    I wish you good luck for your SPM, but most of all, I wish you good luck and work hard to get those quality.

  34. ahh…wait, im sorry!
    actually, he’s better than a genius!
    do u even do researches on genius?
    one of the definition of genius is: a person who is dazzlingly skilled in ANY field.
    u asked which branch/field?
    many students were telling their problem in studying,
    such as bad memorizing skills, being lazy, too bored.
    those are average students.
    so, Azali got better results from the average student.
    so what do we call him?
    better-than-average student?
    nah, i would use that for str8 A’s students.
    it would suit 12A1.
    it’ll stick to 17A1.
    what should i call a person with 20A1’s?
    a moron?
    u tell me.
    based on ur contents,
    u r indirectly pointing out that being a genius must be able to solve any case we wants him to?
    there’re limits to human mate.
    check out the definition again.
    there are various fields we can be a genius in.
    so, we have to master all the skills in the world in order to be called a genius?
    then nobody’s a genius, trust me.
    thats why we call people genius, not PERFECT.
    u asked me could he work together with not-so-many A’s graduates to make a product?
    now i ask u back:could he not?
    mate, do u know him enough?
    if he can prove to us he can get 20A1’s,
    i bet he is able to prove u wrong too.
    actually i didnt want to debate about genius.
    its juz bcoz im pissed off ppl stating out
    “Azali’s not a genius”.
    So what?
    Did he asked u whether he is a genius?
    Did he even state that he is a genius?
    What would you feel if someone goes to ur face and said
    “you dont deserve to be a genius”.
    of coz its the truth.
    try to appreciate a person who appreciate knowledge.
    i was wrong bout asking for good luck for spm results.
    luck didnt exist to begin with.
    juz wish me all the best.

  35. Hi Azam, thanks for your feedback. I appreciate it and I must to say here that I like your spirit.
    From my previous comment, I didn’t mean to insult anybody; I apologize if it came wrong. I’ll try to give you my answer referring to your question.
    1. do u even do researches on genius?- No I didn’t. But I do some research on education system generally. Oh wait a sec, that was not a research actually. I just read or ‘google’ and do some observation. Then I plagiarize it here. It may take a lot of sources with a credibility to do some research and jump into one strong conclusion, I guess.
    2. u asked which branch/field?STUDYING- I’ve to disagree with you on that. From my personal opinion, ‘studying’ is not a branch or field, it is more like an independent verb. You can study Engineering, so that you can be an engineer, but you can’t study ‘Studying’ (so that you can be a student?). It’s a bit paradox.
    Well to keep it fair, let says ‘studying’ is really a branch or field. Why in the world that many students Sek.Ren, Sek.Men or even at the college keep struggling in that only one bloody ‘field’ (and care less about those suggested/mentioned qualities), where there is a plenty of fields/branch out there with thousands of sub-categories. Why can’t the education system at least being fair, to admit that a student with no A’s but creating some brilliant music, is a genius where he/she could be like Mozart or Travis Barker? Kenapa diorang di seksa dengan dipanggil pelajar bermasalah, sebab tak dapat banyak A?For me, cepat tersinggung, social incompetent, being such a pussy for not telling their own opinion, etc. itu adalah tanda2 pelajar bermasalah.
    Why everyone want to get more A’s. Well, that is a rhetorical question. I don’t blame the students, maybe that is really what they want. Maybe I should blame the pedagogue system, for telling them what they should really want. (Damn, it rhymes!) . Anyway, more A’s- good university-more A’s again- certificates-better paid job. They set them up.
    3. so what do we call him? I don’t know with you guys, but I’ll call him Azali or ‘20 A1s Student’.
    4. a) … a genius must be able to solve any case…? Yes, I really mean it. b). …(solve any case)we want him to? It doesn’t have to be. A genius would see something that others can’t see (bukan hantu la:-)), or think about something that others can’t think about it. Archimedes discovers buoyancy, while taking a bath. Effortless=good result=genius, but, hardworking=good result=hard working person.
    5. …master all the skills …to be called a genius? No,it isn’t, you are right with your point. But, the skills that I mentioned in my previous comment are not ‘all ‘of them, those are some of them. And that’s what we need more than we need genius ppls.
    6. could he not?- I don’t know, he didn’t prove it YET. So I can’t say that he can. It’s overrated if I do it now.
    7. do u know him enough? No, I don’t
    8. i bet he is able to prove u wrong too.- I’m sure he can as well as you. You don’t have to send 20’As student to prove me wrong, anybody can do it. One girl, who works at one of the famous shopping centre (she’s damn hot!), had proved me wrong about hygiene degree. My 6 years old nephew had proved me wrong on ‘penggunaan aku’. I used to identify ‘aku’ as a not suitable first-person singular when talking to someone you respect or older. Then he asked me, if it’s also kurang ajar, kalau guna ‘aku’ ketika berdoa.
    9. “Azali’s not a genius“. So what? Did he asked u whether he is a genius?
    Did he even state that he is a genius? – I don’t know if he is genius. He proves me nothing but 20A’s and it’s not cool to overrate.
    10. What would you feel if someone goes to ur face and said “you don’t deserve to be a genius”.-I’ll ask him/her “Tell me something that I don’t know”. I rather be hated for what i am, than loved for what I’m not.
    11. try to appreciate a person who appreciate knowledge-it’s a cliché. Yang kita nak dengar adalah pujian tentang apa pun, without being realistic..and oh speaking of appreciation, kenapa menteri yang terpacak kat tv kalau ada apa2 masalah tentang dalam Negara tanah runtuh, jalan rosak, apa yang kita dapat dengar , kita akan buat kajian’, kenapa tak prof.madya yang betul2 tahu tentang itu dan boleh bagi a straight answer with a full transparency.
    It’s fine to get straight A’s for 20 subjects, but it is more important to have someone/ some group who are really really good at one little thing (let say, side mirrors) and to have those skills that I mentioned previously, competitive, kai zen, etc. So let’s concentrate on those skills before taking more papers than you should. Have some fun.

  36. Thanks for the reply, I havent been a bright student.
    I dislide wall of texts, even though I do that too.
    1.Nvm. I do plagiarize too. Google tells all.
    2.You can disagree with me. Its not called a field or a branch. Its a skill. So, if people should call superb ball jugglers a prodigy or a genius, why couldn’t I call a student who is superb in studying a genius?
    3.OK I’ll let that drift, it doesnt matter anyways.
    4.A)That’s nearly impossible. I doubt that every genius in this world would be able to solve any case if I asked them to. Even you know that. B) Even Einstein is called genius for his years of thinking. Does thinking is not an effort? You have to face the society for calling him ‘not a genius but a hard working man’. Archimedes? If he had not done the thinking while taking a bath, he wouldnt have discovered that. In my opinion, its just a coincidence. He even ran outside naked, too much for a genius…But I agree if you call him a genius based on other inventions of his.
    5.If I ask a genius to do everything I told him, would him be able to? Thats what you have done. You asked if Azali this and that. “Could he find any new solution for our environment problem? Could he proof it then? If he does, can he delivers or presents his idea so that the people could trust his idea? Ok he make it to the next level,could he works together with other dont-get-so-many-A’s people to produce some great product? What if the goverment says, you can only produce this product if you work together with one of our company, could he or how would he handles this? If he does, could he compete with other competitors around the world promoting his idea then and arguing about others solution?” How about I ask a genius to do this and that like I wanted him to? I doubt he will be able to. A genius do things on his own. Simply put, what he likes. So If Azali likes stuying and excels in it, he should be given a credit at least, if we’re not giving him the genius title.
    6.Thats the answer to the question you asked me: “Could he do this, could he do that?”. I don’t know, because he has yet to prove it.Thats why I’m trying to tell the people here to quit saying ‘he’s a showoff’ blablabla, juz give him a chance to prove himself, even though he already proved us he could get 21A’s.
    7.Ok then.
    8.I guess thats how it is, rhetorical problem.
    9.He proves you nothing but 21A’s? Wow, you must be a genius scholar to think that 21A’s is not-that-hard-to-get result…I don’t think the media is overrating him, as he is a good role model for other students. He’s good in cocurricular activities too. So I don’t think thats gonna make him as a role model who is only exam-oriented, and showing bad example to other students.
    10.I rather love anyone for who they are, and not hating anyone. I know Azali, I was introduced to him by my friend. He’s a good guy, and I felt really bad for him to be assaulted like this. (Not referring to you as the assaulter).
    11.Getting 21A’s is not realistic enough to be appraised? (I don’t mean that he got 21A’s to be appraised, but its the appraisal from our side, even though he did not want it). I don’t really know if they betul2 buat kajian or not, xnaklah fitnah2 org. So I’ll let it reside.
    Yeah thats my opinion too. But here, its important too. Azali is fixing the Malay students name. By showing that not only Chinese students could excel. And giving off good example to us, so that we should work hard to study. Even though he’s not a genius. I believe there’s a lot of pros to it, and cons too.

  37. I think its fair to have a difference of opinion. Not everyone is meant to setuju with everything. Imagine what a boring place this world would be if everyone agreed with everyone else 😉
    and hey….SPM 2009 results are just around the corner.

  38. hehe..aku ingat lagi..pas waktu spm adalah waktu paling indah..nyum nyum nyum:-)
    balik ke topic,semuanya tergantung pada apa majoriti nak.. kalau diorang nak, malaysia keep score title ‘tertinggi, terjauh, terpanjang, terbanyak’ then betul la system pendidikan tu. kalau diorang lebih suka Malaysia jadi the best in the world at least in one small field, menang gold medal ke,beerti diorang kena tanam ke pemikiran student supaya letakkan concept ‘specialization with qualities at the first place before ‘all rounder with nothing’.I hope someday people can identify Malaysia with something, like… Sweden=IKEA, Italy= Ferrari (and beautiful women:-),Jamaica=Bob Marley, Germany=Benz,quality.And for the record,di belakang sebuah Benz ada beribu2 specialist,they work/solve the problem/compete/argue together by social and soft-skills. Dan yang paling penting enjoy enjoy enjoy, muda sekali je oi… hahahahah

  39. Yeah..X pernah rase tenang dan lega selain dari cuti lps SPM..
    i couldnt agree more. about sistem pendidikan, mmg x dinafikan byk kelemahan dan byk yg boleh diperbaiki. i think the main reason the value of A1 is too low is ppsmi.
    and i think most of our students have no will to work hard to be a professional..if we have more professionals in our country, kan best..

  40. diorang tak nak work hard untuk jadi..mungkin sebab system pendidikan buat diorang fikir..kalau nak jadi professional kena score A1 banyak2…susah gila jang nak score A banyak2 ni..mau jadi biol kepala otak dibuatnya..bio,chemi,physic,geog,sejarah,math..arghhhh..nasib baik dah lepas semua..

  41. yaler…really nervous…….i m jus curious lah kevin,what r u doing now?studying or working?if u be a lawyer,kan best?haha…cuz u r quite pro in speaking(in my opinion)..n i like the way u speak..cool

  42. C’mmon .. Dun tell people stupid just because you can’t do what they did .. If 21’As is not genius , I’ll call 10’As or 11’As is stupid ..

  43. Salam……Saya nak tanya,saya ingin turunkan berat badan. Saya kat rumah execise guna orbitrac. Berapa calories sebaiknya kita habiskan semasa senaman itu dalam satu hari? Untuk pengetahuan kevin berat saya 70kg dan tinggi 152cm.

  44. u knw?although A’s quality is low,but a lot of students struggled really hard to get it.like me…i duno what kinda result will i get,but i had struggled for my spm,n we will c …..hope i can get good results…so i wont let my family dissapointed

  45. hahahahahahhhahahahahahahaha…..i’m very excited to knw the result of the last spm(2008)…..
    juz wait and see guyzzzzzz……
    spm result something that driving me crazy….
    i hope that my result will ok..
    i want to see my parent happy….

  46. Wish you all success!:-)Remember there are unlimited opportunities waiting for you after SPM.
    Quote:”u cant do what they did,so regard them as ”not genius?”
    You mean like, ‘i can’t play football, so our national team is ‘top-notch’.?

  47. aissshhhhh plz….. Azali Azlan is soooooo old news…. i dont care if hes a genius or not. PPl like him usually r book smart but aint a street smart….hes not any better than any of us….look at the way he smiled on tv (he smirked). cant even stand the look on his face….no matter how many A’s can he get its not about the A’s we’re judging ppl….btw i heard the previous all A’s student who was it? Amalina? she had an offering and went overseas but couldnt catch up with the edu there….so i think our government was making edustar in local here but a what? flunk-er/drop out there?

  48. @anonymous
    what? you’re judging the book from its cover. u nvr meet him, so plz dont judge him. if u dont like how he smile, i hate the way u speak even worse. cant even stand the look on his face, please fund him for a facial surgery. this is one weird guy, getting worked up juz bcoz of ppl’s looks. from the number of A’s we can know how much a person would work to achieve his ambition n dreams or desires or whatever u like to call it. so what if its old news that we’re talking about? religions are wayyyyyy older, and we still talk about that.

  49. actually it depends to the person.. maybe amalina x leh go on to da study bcoz she has own reason that we didn`t know so jgn nak tuduh melulu coz dah dikira fitnah…sometimes students yg amik byk subject ni bkn nak menunjuk tp dia nak menguji kemampuan dier dlm menggunakan otk kanan n kiri.. is not easy to get a`s especially in science stream n one more thing hrp2 kpd cikgu jgn nak mengeluh psl ape yg disrh coz klu slalu mengeluh lame2 ilmu jd x berkat to da students..doa is important to da muslim selain usaha utk berjaya..if u don`t believe it it`s up to u..coz i got result with flying colours in spm 2008 with this way…

  50. Azali is not genius ??
    Ok Fine..
    Azali is not good student,
    then People got 2A’s 5A’s is better than him ??
    then after this all people will try their best not to get many A’s,
    i hope u are my father so i dun have to study,
    but at the same time,
    i dun like my father hav “DIAMOND is TOO SHINY because I only have GLASS” minded,
    maybe got 21A’s do not prove anything,
    but did by getting 2A’s or 5A’s prove something ??

  51. Hello, first of all I’d like to say ” THAT’S MEAN!”. Kevin, your writing was very short but not really concise. I do get what you really mean, but you should do a hell lot better to prove your point.
    Certain things are right. The MOE changes the minimum mark for the grade A every year according to the performance of the SPM candidates. The harder the Qs, the lower the performance, the lower the grade. Another thing is how exam-oriented our edu system is. Classroom activities are very little and PE classes are sometimes substituted by other exam subjects. Theory, theory, practical, and then theory again.
    When you said Azali isn’t a genius, you underestimated his efforts, hardships, emotion roller-coasters he’d been on and how he inspired other students. What he did I can consider as genius as he proved that human can really go far on determination and focus. He managed to cover all of his subjects and he aced them all.
    I sat for SPM 2008 and (yes!) I obtained 10 A1 and 1 A2. The A2 is for Chemistry, and I am very glad I got A1 for AddMaths and B Arab Tinggi. Those 3 were my worst subjects of all. I struggled until the last minute ( which was an advice from Azali). I entered a lot of competitions; martial arts, portrait drawing, debate, and quizzes. I was a prefect. I am speaking on behalf of those who felt undermined. Many of you generalised us as bookworms and socially-disabled ppl.
    Quoting Kevin ” A lot of people who get so called A’s don’t deserve them”. Man, beat it. Don’t say that. I like you as the physical maestro etc. Lets just say ” The grades should not be that low”. Now,,,that doesn’t hurt one bit.
    You guys (the older generation, sorry) had it different. I’m tired of how my parents say ” we had harder, now you have it easier”. Cut it off! I don’t think it’s any harder, the advices are the same, the proverbs are timeless, they apply to any ppl, any place, any time. It’s just different, now and then.
    SPM results are really important but it’s not the only thing to live for. It’s just one tiny bit out of our lives. But, the process for us candidates was gruelling. We were trying to survive and keep our dreams alive. There were times of which I wanted to give and let go of my dreams. Do you know how much tears we shed during form 4 and form 5?
    Some of you didn’t acknowledge the efforts and sacrifices the candidates made. Don’t blame the students, pls.
    What’s really wrong is the system. Academic growth is the only thing stressed on. Spirituality growth is I think the most important thing. What’s inside will shine on the outside. Social problems are out of hand. We’re becoming more and more westernized.
    And one last thing, I don’t think anything is too early for a child to learn. Jawi isn’t hard, Arabic is but can be learnt. Early child education isn’t wrong. The family unit is a crucial support system for a child. The environment moulds the child’s thinking. Parents can learn together with the child. Don’t make limits for the child just because you limiting youself from learning now.
    Dig deep, think great and be great. We are forever in the process of learning.
    p/s: Our country is rotten, because the politics are rotten.

  52. I would love to see this so called genius prove at the higher standard,some of these students will easily out of the competition when they are surrounded by the world class genius.You may count how many of the Malaysian students contribute in the world class research,how many of them get chances to further their study in the top ranking university e.g MIT,Harvard..etc.SPM is the great start,our education has not provided our students critical thinking.”Imagination is more important than knowledge”,think abo

  53. I would love to see this so called genius prove at the higher standard,some of these students will easily out of the competition when they are surrounded by the world class genius.You may count how many of the Malaysian students contribute in the world class research,how many of them get chances to further their study in the top ranking university e.g MIT,Harvard..etc.SPM is the great start,our education has not provided our students critical thinking.”Imagination is more important than knowledge”,think about this great quotation.30 A’s is not enough,and it is the only standard given by our MOE.These students have gone through a lack of the thinking process in schools,so it is not correct to value their excellent by the standard.They didn’t read books other than text book,they read for the examination…

  54. Still, for 20 A1s and 1 A2, he did really great. Dont be hating. But I suppose it is stupid to put kids like him and 9 A1 students in the same category.

  55. omg, the number of As is definitely not directly proportional to intelligent level at all! Because Malaysian marking system is terrible! I have a friend who is so damn smart and hardworking but couldn't score straight A!
    A genius would probably fail SPM because his answers are probably more accurate than the marking scheme and the markers would consider those answers wrong. People who score well will be those who have the same standard like the markers.
    A person who score 10A can definitely be smarter than someone who score 20A. Definitely.

  56. Wow, your posting on SPM seems to touch on some raw nerves. Well, it is a debatable subject and it is very subjective. Didn't have time to read all the comments so I may be repeating here.
    Agree with you on the questionable QUALITY of As. Wonder why they have 3 gradings of A now. But you can't deny that there are brilliant students out there. It's just hard to find them now. And those getting straight As, well, there must be some skills that they have developed to obtain such scores right.
    Anyway, someone commented in the paper recently that, yes, Malaysians do have high IQs but when it come to EQs, we're still lagging behind. The education system now is just a joke. It simply doesn't educate a child. It has become a tool for the politician. (Shaking my head sadly)

    1. very true …… EQ is something students have to go n experience but sadly, currently our education does not allow for much creative freedom …… its down to the parents I suppose.

  57. new post 2011…
    I know I might sound detestable but I am sure a lot of you would agree that working world are different than education world. If school is a place to educate people to be useful when they arrive to the working class stage, I think Malaysia govt is not meeting the criteria at all. It can be seen clearly, because the company (and I mean it) are telling us/complaining that eventhough we have a bucket full of high achievers graduates (assuming that these students go to universities), the quality of workers to be are very low. They can't seem to do things right and maybe it's because when they were in the learning stage, all they learnt about was how to work hard. Work hard equals to learn nothing because we human have limited brain capacity and we tend to store unused knowledge in a small store room in our head.Don't you agree that it is a waste of space? You know, I'm not from India and I am a Malay but I do like the way they focuses only on a few subjects because it's good to be expert in a field because the more you do the same thing the lesser the chance of getting your work wrong.
    What you do in school doesn't measure how well you will do in the society. People who win their place in the working world are usually people who invest on their hidden talents (so don't listen to your parents all the time cause all they want you to do is make enough living for you and both of them but do what you want to do and earn a lot more than you think you are capable of. Go fundamental if you have to). Small talents like speaking, making connections, joking, last minute work handling(accountable talent because some project, even when you have work so hard on it, when you find loopholes and mistakes two days before, will still force you to restart the project cause a company is there for the capital) and problem-solving can make you become the most reknown people in the world. Great thinkers are usually the one that works less, care less but think too many. And I support the fact that sometimes, just because you answer better than the marking scheme, you still get graded down because it doesn't match with the marking scheme. And we all know that the syllabus in SPM are all lies. So, why do you want to work hard studying lies instead of the truth? Makes you wonder who the stupid one here.
    One more thing, nowadays, it's better to find experience in many fields so balance your sports, personal projects and studies. My ramblings stops here. Bye.

  58. its a good point to ponder btw. 🙂
    im a moe's scholarship students n yeah, obviously education is just my thing. ^^
    personally i think moe gotta have bunch of psychologist. sound creepy ha..psychologist=psycho. haha.
    but in new zealand, even psychologist is the one who create the idea of good teaching skills and etc.
    here, i learnt about all those stuff n it was amazing to know that for every single issue in their education system (i.e. gifted students, ADHD, disable children and etc) they did a reseach on that.
    n yeah, maybe rite now, moe has realized the need of that kind of people by sending my friends n me to nz, taking psychology and education with psychology. 🙂

  59. Does anyone know how azali ist doing now?:-)
    thanks to the media who makes me curious to track their own-made ,role model’.
    hats off to the gov who makes you believe that more A’s are more important..
    Kevin, design website ni cantik la.. lama tak jenguk masuk..dah banyak berubah. anyway wish you and your family all the best.. gruß aus freiburg

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