Is Appeton Weight Gain a Waste of Money?

Have you seen the Appeton TV Commercial? Can a supplement alone help you gain weight? Read about my honest view on Malaysia’s popular weight gain supplement – Appeton Weight Gain.

If you are living in Malaysia, I’m sure you’ve all seen those Appeton Weight Gain (Adult) TV Commercials. They are funny alright.

Kelakar jugak la but does it actually work that way? Just 1 or 2 scoops per day cukup untuk menambahkan berat badan? The answer is No! A weight gainer alone doesn’t won’t “really” help you gain weight. So if you are one of those people who have bought Appeton or any other weight gainer, this post is for you.

So..How to Gain Weight or Bulk Up Lah?

Well in summary, you need 3 things: 1) A Reason to Grow, 2) Food to build and yes, lastly 3) Supplements do help. You can do without supplements but the first two are crucial! Lemme me break it down for you.

  1. Muscles need a reason to grow. When we talk about weight gain, we usually (or always) mean muscle gain….no one wants to really gain fat. Hitting the buffet and stuffing yourself with supplments IS NOT A REASON ;)… Weight training ataupun senaman mengangkat berat or main best is the catalyst for weight gain. Putting your muscles through stress and strain (the workout) makes your muscles literally wanting to grow. Why? Think of it as a defense mechanism. Your body is thinking that it needs to get stronger in order to sustain the “new” workload. That is why you need to continually diversify and increase the weights – to continually give your body a reason to keep on get bigger.
  2. Building Blocks or food. Yes this is where makanan dan supplements like weight gainers come in. Note this – Once your body wants to grow YOU THAN NEED TO supply it with “stuff” that it can build on. Food lah. What kind? Well typically you need carbs and protein (the staple ingredients of weight gainers). When? Well a must before ad after your workout and also throughout the day. So make sure you get your 5-7 meals per day. Wanna gain weight? Than yeah you gotta eat!
  3. Supplements do help. Tapi ingat, makanan tambahan don’t work magic. There’s nothing special in weight gainers like Appeton. They are mainly loaded with carbs (dextrose – think hospital drip), combination of proteins and yeah some fat as well. Thats usually it. So why buy them? well its up to you but they are convenient for pre and postworkout meals. I persoanlly use whey protein supplements daily. Why? Coz they are convenient and give me what I need. So remember to know what you are buying and know what you need ๐Ÿ˜‰ Other suppls like creatine and glutamine are great as well but, in my opinion should only be used second to weight gainers.

So is Appeton Weight Gainer a Waste of Money?

Without weight training – YES but if used in combination with weight training and a decent nutrition plan (makanan lah), weight gainers like Appeton are good and effective as they give you want you need. That said, most weight gainers are pretty good – regardless of brand. I personally prefer US based brands like Dymatize, Champion Nutrition or Prolab..but hey its a consumers choice ๐Ÿ˜‰ Happy Shopping.

Step by step weight gain guide: Check out my eBook entitled How to Gain 5kg in 10 Weeks.
  1. hai..emm,sy nk tny ckit..mcm mana sy nk tambhkan ckit brt bdn??sbb,brt sy sekarang cma 40kg je..tak kurg sgt ke brt sy??

  2. ooh tanx for this post!
    i’m trying to gain weight as well
    and have only gained 4kg after
    two weeks ok eat+eat+eat along
    with a weight gaining product.
    a friend told me it also helps
    to eat eggs everyday.
    RAW eggs…! is this true or
    just a myth?

  3. em nak tambah berat badan ni susah sbenarnya.kita kene makan berkhasiat dan lebih dari apa yg kita guna(tenaga lah) ..saya ada baca buku dari org yg berjaya ni(tambah berat badan lah)(mcm ayat penulis lah hehe).
    eat raw eggs will give you bacteria salmonela make you stomach fell pain and groawling.
    p/s : grammatical english error

  4. Dude – well eggs alone won’t do…you still gotta hit the weights and give your body a reason to grow.
    Masauaafa – “kita kene makan berkhasiat dan lebih dari apa yg kita guna(tenaga lah)” yes betul but kalau macam tu “tenaga” berlebihan mostly akan menjadi lemak dan bukannya otot. Kalau nak pastikan bahawa anda lebih banyak tambah otot, you have to berlatih dengan weights (pemberat)

  5. I’ve tried it before and it works..before i’m 40kg and now i’m 49kg. No harm trying coz it really work.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. just curious with myself..i eat alot but still i didnt gain weight but loss it because im a heavy smoker?b4 my weight 46kg which balance with my height my weight 40.5kg..pls help me n guide me what should i do….

  7. My weight was 72Kg previously but sisnce I got diabetic in less than a year, my weight now is 62Kg. I look very skinny now. Can I gain weight with the same methode although I have diabetic?

  8. berat asal saya 82kg dan saya dah berjaya turunkan sehingga 77kg dengan melakukan aktiviti di GYM..Soalan saya , bagaimana untuk build muscle ? adakah dengan hanya weight training atau dengan mengambil supplement sebagai faktor tambahan ?

  9. Sakh – you obviously should check with your doctor but there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to gain weight as a diabetic….you should however avoid sugar rich weight gainers.
    elle – you need weight training. Quality weight training
    shah – yes anda perlu ketiga2 untuk muscle gain: 1) pemakanan asas, weight training berkualiti dan makanan tambahan seperti whey protein, creatine, NOX etc sememangnya menolong

  10. Junko: What did you do? sounds impressive, perhaps a must try for me.
    Well, curiously enough, what kind of diet should I practise if I were to gain weight.. Apart from the supplements rich in lysine, creatine, NOX and such?

  11. hello nitrogenius,
    for weight gain or loss, supplement are always the last part of the equation. Firstly you need an enough coming in to create a calorie surplus but then you dont just wanna gain fat so weight training is the catalyst for lean weight gain. No weight gainer can simply make you gain muscles….its BS ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Hi Kevin. I’m trying to gain weight. i’m 15 and right now 48 KG with 175cm of height. That really skinny. The problem is my lower body is not skinny but my upper body is skinny. My leg and peha is already good. Just my lengan is skinny. I tried to do weight training at gym. I gain some biceps but not weight. Plan to go to gym after the exam on OCT. I have some problem with need to eat about 5-7 times a day. I really don’t have that much time. What do you think Kevin?

  13. hai again kevin,nice to see you,
    a)do you think about other brand than Appeton?
    well i see at grocery, Enercal and ensure? it is good to drink to increase calorie? and gain weight? cause i dont afford appeton so expensive
    b) my fren at work eat eggs like this, he dispose a yolk and just eat eggwhite? i know they want avoid colestrol, but it is yolk have more vitamin and other that whites?white have more protein only
    c) some say on internet that ingest 100gram protein daily may taxing your liver, i try to eat 3400calorie a day and just count calorie without counting protein requirement. that all, i think i’m fine that

  14. Sesape yg nk nek brat bdan tuh..
    xyah ssah2..
    skunk nie zman teknology..
    labur wit lbiy cket 4 INJECTION..
    This is the best way and not waste u’r time and money..
    Appeton weight gain tue personally bgus gak,tp mhal cket lew..
    pas2 lak klu korunk nk bli supplement kt farmasi etc. korunk better be carefull coz xsume btul..sbab tu korunk mkn xde effect!
    Aku de cdangan mdah n berksan ikt pngalaman ak..
    1)dlm kul 10 cmtu mkn r telur 4bji,3bji mnimum, minum susu dutch lady full cream sgelas,roti gardinea 4kping ngn sekaya or ltak fruit jem ckit kt c2..cnang kn..
    pas2 korunk take lunch.. ptg mkn r pisang kew ngn susu sgelas..xksah r soya ke.klu xnk, amek yogurt 1cup..actually nasi nie xmkn xpe,omputih xmkn nasi pn da mcm tyar lori bdan diorang.hehe..
    yg pnting byak kalori….
    2)Kul 8 cm2 g r gym, kt gym lak jgn pakse bdan lex2 klu da rse skit stop..
    COZ klu otot da injured,protein2 yg kte mkn tue akn dgunakan oleh bdan tuk repair.So hrapan la bdan nk besaw..B4 pg gym,better korunk mnum 100plus,Pepsi or coke..purata 1 tin de 44kcal t bley r push out the limit cket..
    3)LAGI stu,ini lg pnting, korunk kna tido 7-9 jam shari..otot2 hanya tumbuh smasa kte tido jer..klu brjage mlayan myspace or men gme or whateva jer dlm mmpi r bdn nk nek..
    tu jela cra ak and the results i gain 5kg n muscle2 cket jer..
    4 comment and another suggestion or sbarang soalan E-Mel ak..

  15. nak training kene ada cara yang betul beb, kene tau pasal repetition, periodation, never train to failure and dont use high rep if you want to gain muscle and size.. you in vein when u enter the gym and do 20 reps because u use low volume, and you just increase cortisol level that can shrink you muscle,goal.
    ”COZ klu otot da injured,protein2 yg kte mkn tue akn dgunakan oleh bdan tuk repair.So hrapan la bdan nk besaw..B4 pg gym,better korunk mnum 100plus,Pepsi or coke..purata 1 tin de 44kcal t bley r push out the limit cket..”
    mana patut minum coke,pepsi,100plus? you know what, that’s a toxin substance containing in a can of coke like aspartame, asesulfame or whatever will kill your abiltiy to gain weight,increase cortisol level,blah blah….
    eat 3/4 egss will give you more fat and feel bloating,so just use white eggs better,if you can tolerate the taste of its after boiling thats.I’m better eat oat+milk+peanut butter that contain 800cal.

  16. hizammi – how long depends on your weight and how fat you are running… the heavier and faster you run, the more energy (calories) you will burn.

  17. helo kevin.
    i’m extremely sad cos i’ve trying to put on weight but i failed. my boyfriend left me and no one think i’m attractive enough. i became depressed everyday and it effects my personal life and my confident.
    please help me. i really.really need your help and advise. i’m 30 and extremely low self esteem because of being skinny. my height 153/4, weight 34/5kg.
    please send details to my email. i want to be normal like anyone else. thank you for you time.

  18. haloo.. nk tanye nh. senaman pe yg proper n boleh dibuat with juz a dumbell at home?? i juz have a dumbell n gym is far away from my home =)

  19. hey. i bought appeton about 4cans (450g) but no result yet its like no improvemment, so i stop and besides its unaffortable.does ne one knows wat else product that can gain weight???……… need ur advice peeps…. tnx

  20. well,if weight gainer is not an answer 4 us to gain weight,what else can i do to gain weight if i dont;1)go to gym coz there is none 2)eat as much as 5-7meals per day cos im a student,no time 3)costly

  21. hi! im ectomorph.but all my siblings even my cousins are all metabolism works very fast.when i got older i loss so skinny.and i want to gain weight.what should i do?

    1. 1. sleep before 10pm, hav at least 7-8 hours of continuous sleep. its easy said than done but if u want for a change must have determination.
      2. do light gym first then slowly pick up by heavier steps or do exercise like jogging, play badminton, zumba (if female) to make your body tired so that u have better sleep quality at night.
      3. can drinks milk mix with weight gain powder after meals or gym/exercise.
      4. don’t play with handphone or computer games 1-2 hours before sleep, just watch TV before sleep.
      5. take a stroll after dinner to digest food b4 sleep as sleep with stomach full will deter your sleeping quality. Don’t think of anything when u sleep,
      Good luck.

  22. haii..tumpang tanye..berat badan saya 40kg dgn kerendahan 148cm..adakah ia berat yg ideal?..saya rasa saya sangat kurus dan saya juga kurus2 belaka..adakah ia disebabkan faktor keturunan..jika saya berusaha untuk menambah berat badan adakah ia akan berjaya?…tolg ya..

  23. ei,aku minum dutch lady full cream milk tiap tiap hari ada guna tak?i jog 5 hrs every week+some workouts..saya main dumbbell juga!14kg,beratnya!!muscle i boleh tengok la…tapi saya nak kasi dia besar lagi!skrg 60kg,173cm,cukup tak?

  24. jogging tak akan membantu menambah berat badan laaa..tgk org yang kuat joging atau marathon runner, semua mereka kurus kerana tenaga hilang. semasa berlari juga tenaga tersimpan dalam otot dan lemak akan dibakar..

  25. kalau nk tmbh berat makan banyak dan angkat weight tapi jgn jogging. Jogging hanya utk org gemuk nk kuruskan bdn.

  26. nak tnyer lah…susu weight gain tuh,tmbahkan berat bdn kan…..thats mean,kita akan jdik berisi jugak ke……sy nk tambah berat n nak nmpak berisi skit sbb terlalu kurus….

  27. how should i gain weight?..i dont know how,i eat my meal 3 times a day but just a little amount of food every meal because my stomach felt full already in just a little meal only.i felt nauseatic if i eat too much but i want to gain weight.what should i do to gain weight?pls help me.. .

  28. mcm mane nk tambah berat badan, sedangkan saya nie kuat makan 4-5 kali sehari. keturunan saya semua kurus dan saya nie aktif dalam sukan bola atau futsal.
    saya nak mendapatkan berat yang sesuai ideal dengan ketinggian saya seperti ahli sukan bolasepak. berat 58kg tinggi 179m. bg tips sikit.

  29. hi…sy nak minta pendapat n cara untuk tambahkan berat badan…H: 162 cm W: 43kg…malu la kurus sgt..tolong la.

  30. im very skinny and im planning to buy appeton weight gain until i red this..
    can u give me other option for my problem?
    thanks so much kevin!!!

  31. hello abg kevin-sy nk tnya..apakah jenis senaman yg sesuai untuk orang kurus seperti sy??sy niy kuat makan tp xnaik2 jugak..dan sy pelik coz my friend ckp sy dlu xdelah kurus smkin umur sy mningkat sy smkin kurus plak..ini pnyakit ker??sy harap abg boleh mmbntu sy-diameter tgn sy kuruss sgt..malu gler-pleaz reply!!

  32. hii abg kevin…sy da masalah peha besar bdn da okey cuma bhgian peha tu yg susah sket nk turun knape yea?dulu sy pnh la diet n bwt exercise jogging mmg peha saya kecil bila sya kurang mlakukan exercise peha saya kembali spt asal..knape yea?

  33. @kajor – untuk tambahkan berat badan, perlunya senaman beban or weight training untuk merangsangkan tumbesaran otot.
    @bb – car badan menyimpam dan membakar lemak ditentukan oleh genetics badan. kita tak bole nak spot reduce lemak pada bahagian tertentu…. but if bb teruskan usaha untuk membakar lemak secara berterusan, tentunya akan membakar pada bahagian peha jugak nanti.

  34. keturunan saya juga kurus giler – giler…
    tapi selepas pi gym selama 5 bulan, badan saya jadi lagi solid..dan baik minum protein drpd minum appeton ..dua -dua sama harga rm 95 ….
    minum protein and angkat berat yg btul – betul berat….

  35. hi.. you’ve mentioned in your article about your preferred brand “Dymatize, Champion Nutrition or Prolab”. I seached for it in the internet but I found a lot of products. Can you recommend a specific brand name for me. Also, how many hours do I need to spend for work out in a day?
    I’m hoping for your immediate response.

  36. hello, based on my experience, any US weight gain product will do the job …. make sure that you are able to read the nutrition labels and know what you are looking for in terms of calorie needs, carbs, sugars, protein etc ….

  37. hi.. saya berumur 31 tahun.. tinggi 198cm dan berat bdn 58kg.. saya mempunyai berat badan yg tidak ideal dgn ketinggian saya.. saya ingin bertanya.. adakah kadar metabolisma saya tinggi.. dan oleh sebab itu bdn saya susah untuk mendapat berat yang ideal? saya makan secara normal.. saya juga perokok tegar.. bolehkah kita mengurangkan kadar metabolisma bdn dgn mengambil ubat ubat tertentu?

  38. hai, kevin zahri. saya sebelum ni pernah menjalani PLKN. Semasa di sana saya telah menjalani pemeriksaan kesihatan. Pada masa itu berat saya 48 kg dan tinggi 168cm. Doktor telah memberitahu sepatutnya berat saya boleh mencapai sehingga 55 kg.
    Jadi saya telah makan banyak setiap hari yang kononnya dengan makan banyak boleh menaikkan lagi berat badan. Tetapi sehingga kini berat saya masih lagi 48 kg.
    Apa masalah saya sebenarnya Kevin ?
    Saya ada terdengar “Orang gemuk kalau nak kurus memang senang, tetapi orang kurus kalau nak gemuk memang susah”.
    Sejauh manakah kebenarannya Kevin ?
    Hope you can reply this comment.

  39. owh kevin..only God knows how depress i am being skinny. people keep saying that im thin-thinner. to gain weight safely and fastly? for your information, when im pranatal, my mother was suffered from, does it influence my physical traits-weight,skinny?

  40. so maksudnya aku kene wat exercise like weightlifting tu lah n then makan weight gain ni so that barulah beart boleh naek?mcm tu ke?tapi bila berat da naik bdn kite mcm mane?gemok ke?

  41. @Ed Bettencourt, feroz ahmad, nurol, naziff – thanks for your comments.
    To gain weight you cannot makan ubat or makan semata2 kerana badan perlukan sebab untuk “membesar” …. anda perlu lakukan weight training untuk merangsangkan tumbesaran otot/badan. Tanpa weight training ataupun senaman beban, usaha makan atau ubat/supplement sia2.
    If berminat, schedule a personal consultation session or training with me supaya you can learn the proper techniques etc.
    Hope to see you all soon.

  42. hye..tinggi sy 160 dan berat hanya 47kg…mcm2 sy search ttg menambahkan berat badan pernah try susu weight gain tp nothing at all la..ermm betul ke kalau selalu jogging kite xdpt tambah berat badan? ape senaman yg sesuai untuk golongan yg ingin tambah berat badan?

  43. jogging ialah senaman aerobic, anda perlukan anaerobic exercise spt weights lifting untuk tambah berat badan.
    dn janganlah berharap minum satu tong weight gain product saja dh dapat result. at least a year, good diet + training
    Harap maklum.

  44. Saya sekadar berkongsi cerita byk member2 yang cuba utk menmbah berat badan dan ternyata ia agak sukar berbanding utk mengurangkan berat. Apa2 pun usaha yang berterusan disamping penggunaan produk yg sesuai amat penting dan hasilnya tetap positif walaupun mengambil masa yang agak panjang, contohnya my friends gain their weight lbh kurang 2kg dalam sebulan, kira ok dah tu kan? Yang penting kena betul caranya..

  45. Appeton weight gain , it really works, bec i have used it for few months in between working out in the gym,u really need to workout if u are hoping to take appeton weight gain,if u are using it with out doing any weight training then no point,if u really want to gain weight and muscles using appeton do weight training after taking a glass of appeton weight gain.take one glass of appeton after one hour of each and every meal,

  46. hi lm jessica 20 yrs old my weight is just 32.2kg i just started drinking appeton gain weight in just two weeks im really desperate to gain my weight can u just pls help what do you think it really can help me pls pls need your advice!!!! y
    thnk u!!!

  47. hi everyone..i want to share something…erm pasal nak nek kan berat bdn..rsenye kevin da byk kali gtaw tetap juga ade yg mengeluh and bertnya pasal benda yg same..hmmm..okla secara yg cuba kevin terngkan..1st- otot kita-otot kte ni macam bwk kereta..lau x tekan myk lebih sket x lju la pe lg kna senaman laaa…lau x senaman x la nek otot tu dan mcm mner berat nak betmbah…lagi satu klu spe nak nek kan berat bdn slh stu senaman yg perlu dikurgkan adelah snaman tu lbh sesuai untuk org2 yg nak kurus..2nd-senang je..makan byk2..sng cte jgn bykkan mknan yg ringan..x kn mkn byk pun sush..3rd-bru la supplement…pe yg sy nak rumuskan selain tip2 yg membina sbnarnye pe yg perlu adelah kesedaran dan juga sejauh mner kte pegang pada target kita..dulu saya mcm korg..sket2 komplain badan tak nek sume..skunk ble da ade jln yg betol dan niat yg skunk berjaya w.pun TANPA ke gym pun..just sit up and push up kat umah j..dulu 56 and n0w 64kg…okla..janji kna ngan BMI..kpd kevin, sori lau ade yg slh..huhu.. mintak tlg tunjuk ajar ek lau ade slh silap..i juz want to share..

  48. hello kevin..
    hope kevin dpt jwb soklan saya ni..
    saya hari2 buat workout seperti situp an push up..dan rehat dri besenam sehari je..
    tp yg musykil leh ke wat hari2..
    x da kesan smpingan ke??
    saya rse cm x ckup rse kurg berkeyakinan lau tak buat wpun sehari..huhu
    pe pendpt mr.kevin??

  49. Hey, i am 18 years old but i am only 48kg. It is really very skinny. I also look very weak. Please suggest me how can i gain my weight, it’s very urgent for me

  50. i'm taking appeton weight gain from today ….but i can't take it 3 times a day …..2 times better 4 me as my stomach feels almost full all the day…. ,,,is dat any problem?is it necessary to take it 3 times?

  51. salam bro kevin,berat saya hanya 50kg sahaja,pelbagai usaha dibuat untuk gain weight bagi mendapatkan bentuk yang ideal dgn ketinggian saya 168cm.usaha yang dibuat seperti pengambilan supplement dan juga whey protein.turut juga pergi ke gym.namun masih juag seperti keadaan yg asal.
    Pertanyaannya disini,bagaimana untuk beginner yang bertubuh berskala kecil seperti saya memulakan aktiviti gym kerana gym ditempat saya tidak ada jurulatih dan hanya bergantung kepada diri sendiri

    1. kalau badan kurus kenape amik whey.. ambil la mass.. whey bukan untuk gain weight.. kalau kurus ambil whey nnti jadi macan badan bruce lee jela..

  52. encik zahri..ada x produk yg membantu menanbahkan berat badan?? kerana saya mmpunyai berat sebanyak 60kg dan tnggi 179cm…

  53. i ada problem dgn masalah berat badan..berat badan i tak matching dgn ketinggian i..i punye berat hanya 48kg dgn tinggi 164cm..jadi i nak tnye u la..what ur advise untuk i tambah berat badan?..apakah yg perlu i makan?..berapa kerap i kena makan dlm sehari?..apakah produk supplement yg boleh i beli?..adakah appeton weight gain can help to gain weight?..

  54. hi Kevin . baru je terbaca post ni . btw just want to ask u something . did u ever heard about Herbalife product ? Sebagai individu yang lebih pakar dalam hal pemakanan ni, kalau boleh saya nak tahu apa pendapat @ pandangan Kevin terhadap produk tu . saya sedang mengikuti program diet produk tersebut dan Alhamdulillah berat saya dah turun 5kg untuk bulan lepas . produk tersebut bukan sahaja boleh menurunkan berat badan malah boleh juga mengekalkan dan menaikkan berat badan mengikut cara makan yang betul . So what do you say ? Thanks . =)

  55. Sy pon kurus jugak..spttnye mkin gemok
    Heheh..tgi sya xbalance dgn berat..mmg mcm
    Olive lah(popeye) pon da try mnm apptn n mkn
    Vitamin appton..mmg la asik nk mkn je..
    Tp bert badn xnaik2..sgala mcm produk sy makn
    Tp ttp kurus jgk..any sunggestion?pls..
    Sy xmaw kurus sgt..walaupon kbnyakn owg kate
    Rangka sy kck..jd mmg xley gemoknye..btl ke teori tu?

  56. saye trase keding la.mane x nye,tinggi x sesuai dgn berat.ktinggian saye 189 cm,tp berat juz 60-70 kg (x ingat)
    ape nk bwat utk tingkatkan berat badan?

  57. hi..i'm so stress with my weight 35kg,height 156cm..i'm just look like a skeleton..i always cry for it…

  58. hai…saya sedang mencari cara-cara utk menambah berat badan sbb sgt kurus…saya harap ebook tips utk menambah 5kg berat bdn dr KEVIN ZAHRI dpt membantu….harap segala email saya dpt dibalas dgn bantuan KEVIN sendiri..
    saya juga ingin tahu sama ada supplement weight gain yg dijual HALAL atau tidak???coz im MUSLIM…:)
    thx in advance for answering….:)

  59. Kalau ingin naikkan berat badan, konsumsi makanan dengan protein tinggi, (chicken breast, beef, egg white, oat, red beans, etc). Lebih baik kunjungin website fitness untuk mengetahui pola makan yang baik dan benar. or
    Tidak ada naik badan dengan instant, just drink a milk whole day..? Itu hanya iklan dan akan menguntungkan perusahaan saja.
    Kalau mempertanyakan halal atau tidak, lebih baik jangan konsumsi, karena kebanyakan para pengguna tidak memikirkan halal atau tidak, mereka hanya memikirkan otot mereka bisa tumbuh dengan cepat.

  60. Hai kevin. i just nk taw, i ada tgk product from website utk supplement tambah berat badan. i just nak taw website ni betul k tipu..sape2 ada info tentang website ni tlong ye

  61. salam semua. saya ada tips untuk naik kan berat badan. seperti yg saudara kevin terangkan, badan memang memerlukan sebab untuk naik/turun. so senaman adalah jawapan yg paling tepat. untuk naikkan berat badan cara tradisional.. 1)mkn 5bji telur separuh masak(4biji putih shj + 1biji termasuk kuning) kuning telur tidak digalakkan byk krana kolestrol tinggi. 2)mkn pisang 4-5biji sehari. lakukan selama 6minggu + senaman gym atau lain2..

  62. bro zahri…i’m looking forward to gain weight n build body….presently, i got too skinny body…also, i got weak appetites n i guess only a supplement can help me on this…need ur advice bro…TQ

  63. Kepada yang kurus tu, meh saya nak cakap awat hang kurus…
    gini..awak makan banyak, tp still kurus.
    Hal ini adalah kerana, metabolisma (metabolism) tubuh anda adalah sangat tinggi.
    apakah itu metabolisma?
    metabolisma ialah proses yang mana makanan yang dimakan, akan digunakan/ dibuang oleh badan,
    Jadi, kalau kadar metabolisma anda tinggi, makan lah banyak mana pun, tak naik jugak punya.
    Kenapa tak naik? Sebab makanan (specifically, the nutrients) yang diambil x digunakan untuk membina tisu/ otot (muscle) dalam badan, instead dibuang.
    So, kalau da makan banyak tuh, sila la bina otot sket. (i.e. joging ke..workout ke)
    kepada yang kurang selera, Weight Gain (eg: Appeton’s) ni ade nutrient yg ok untuk penambahan berat, so xyah la terasa ‘forced’ untuk makan bnyk2. Minuman ni dan makanan yang utama korg makan dlm seharian rasenye da cukup.
    (appeton weight gain tuh, botol kecik rm63, org kate vanilla kureng sedap, so amek la coklat)
    btw, ni komen hanyalah dari org yg buat research sndri2 dari internet, kalau ade silap, mintak maaf,dan saya sgt2 menghargai kalau yg membaca boleh betulkan saya.
    (bnyk lagi saya nak share nih tp mcm lebih2 pulak..sorry yer panjang sgt)

    1. Hi semua,aku tinggi 169cm berat 56kg.aku baru ambik appeton weight gainer ni satu tin dan beli set dumbbell 5kg.Appeton ni aku habiskan dalam 7 hari,mkn nasi 4 kali sehari,dalam sebulan berat aku dah 64 kg.

  64. hi, im a girl, turning 24 this height is 155cm and weighted about 41kg.i am really skinny and friends have been saying that im getting skinnier overtime. im a decent eater. as a matter of fact i eat quite a lot for a skinny person.i am very choosy when it comes to food however. i love chocolate and i dont eat fruits at all.i am desperate to gain weight and i wonder if appeton weight gain + workout will help me to gain more meat?i dont want to end up looking overly muscular.

    1. hello…. the only way to gain weight is via calorie surplus + weight training …. appeton and other weight gainers help you to consume additional calories …for more details, check out my How to Gain 5kg in 10 Weeks eBook –ย

  65. Hello Kevin , I’m a 17 years old male with 168cm height and 42kg. What type of weight training as you mentioned is necessary for weight gaining?

  66. hai sup! i am a 50 kg weight or less and 170cm height, and yeah i am skinny, i think my problem here is lack of appetite, i never thought of consuming any wright gainer before and till i discover this blog, however it is not recommended though. And knowing this is only horrifying me…i can never get fatter!

    1. Hi semua,aku tinggi 169cm berat 56kg.aku baru ambik appeton weight gainer ni satu tin dan beli set dumbbell 5kg.Appeton ni aku habiskan dalam 7 hari,mkn nasi 4 kali sehari,dalam sebulan berat aku dah 64 kg.

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