Germany 3:2 Turkey! Jetzt kommt das Finale

Lahm scores for germany
Its 513am……just “saw” my Germany narrowly beating a good Turkish team thanks to a late goal by Phillip Lahm (who’s air muka actually is very much like my late brother Karim). So obviously I am more than happy that Germany has made to another cup final and am really hoping that Ballack and co can pull off a win against Spain or Russia. Common la after sooo many runner-up places for Michael Ballack, he does deserve the trophy – walaupun Ballack had an off game.

More worried about Euro 2008 Live Feed Interruption

So yeah Germany didn’t play that well but as long as the score remained 1:1 there was not much to worry. Or camane? Instead of worrying that the Turks may score, I started to worry more about freakin Astro’s live feed. 3-4 times I rasa the feed got interrupted…feed up gile I tell you. Dah la during the most dramatic phases. Tambah lagi, I had to listen to Shebby rambling on about how he is always right about everything. Hahaha he always starts a sentence with …“Yes Paul….as I was saying earlier….”. If you pay attention to Shebby’s analysis….he will always be right – one way or another.

Ballack’s gotter step up in the final

SoGermany Turkey Flag I’m pyched for Germany…but gonna go get some sleep now. Lets hope that Ballack, Mertesacker and Metzelder can step up in the final as they didn’t have a great game. Worse still was Rolfes but he was replaced by Frings which led to a better second half performance.

No to Racism

Lastly, let’s hope that there are no violent clashes between German and Turkish fans but someone I doubt that is possible. United against racism!

Just proofread my post….loads of typos..haha pls forgive – it was 5am in the morning (aka zombie mode)

Deutschland, Deutschland. Jetzt gehen wir ins Finale!

  1. Go Spanish armada,
    I’d rather rooting for a team like Spain compared to Germany. Not to take any credit from Germany, they’re strong and highly disciplined but that’s what make watching this kind of team so boring due to their predictable nature of footballing strategy.
    Did u guys notice that all the players hair-style is so stiff, kinda like in the boarding school. That’s bcoz the discipline has been instilled right from the grassroots. But if u look at other teams (which are not bad either) like Portugal, Turkey, Holland, their type of games are much more interesting to watch.

  2. hey Kev.. remember that England vs Germany game we watched back in school? Euro 96. late at night at the bilik Tv above dewan makan? when Germany scored you shouted. a few minutes later the late Cikgu Zamil came to the tv room with his rotan? good times eh?

  3. obefriend,
    who r u la? hahaha. yeah i remember those days! Good times la. No worries other than belajar.
    I wonder what ever happened to Cikgu Zamil…havent been back to MRSM PC since….1997!

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