RM7 for a glass of milk at Starbucks?!

Sedih i tell you. I am here sitting at Starbucks Great Eastern Mall, Ampang. I got my typical cup of coffee which I know ain’t great for my health but hey…..we only live once and I should be able to enjoy it in balance, kan?

Got Milk?

So while ordering my coffe which dah la is mahal gile…I wanted to curb my hunger and asked if I could order a glass to regular cold milk. The cashier said that I would need to bayar. Fair la and I was expecting to pay a buck or two for a regular glass of milk. but then she said “a regular glass of ice milk here at Starbucks is RM7”.

…a regular glass of ice milk here at Starbucks is RM7…
Starbucks Cashier

RM7 for a regular glass of milk?…please lah!

What? You are charging me RM7 for a regular glass of milk!? Thats ridiculous lah. Might as well I head down to the grocery store and get myself 1L of Milk for half that price. Afterall Starbucks themselves are using regular milk…Farmleaf if I’m not mistaken.

Milk is the perfect snack

Milk is great. Its a complete balanced meal if you go for the low-fat types. especially when one the road, I’ll make sure to get a small kotak of susu when isi minyak or whenever I can.

  1. saharil/nad – ah yes but we are talking bout a glass of milk not the small cup…but you are right, why is that i can take a little for free but then again have to pay RM7 for just a little more.
    syukur – agreed i go for the wifi n cuci mata la. now the new trend now are Kopitiam places….old school 😀

  2. hi kevin,
    do u mind posting an entry about dieting/health n coffee? does coffee really harms our body? its for sure gonna b very helpful.. thanks in advance..

  3. Read “The Undercover Economists” and you’ll know why the a mini cup of coffee or a glass of iced milk are ridiculously priced in Starbucks and the like.
    I heard different things about milk from dietitians, yoga gurus, and Anthony Robbins. Oh, and soy products are bad for men. I’m too occupied to investigate the truth plus I don’t have a lab to prove them so I just don’t take them both. Try smoothies… taste like @#!%$& but they are really good.

  4. Tapi i pelik sangat. Kedai makan melayu payah sangat nak order susu tepung yang dibancuh. Yang ada susu pekat. Kan fulllll of fat???

  5. Starbucks sell concept not food nor drinks. They promote style and image. Food/drinks there best gile?
    No right ? No offend please but for some people it is a place to be seen, that I have ‘made’ it there..
    Just like why people use posh cars..I have made it mannnn…
    They charge sky high because they know people hang around there for reasons I have mentioned – maybe lah.
    One cup of coffee and they hang there for hours, just to make sure their money is worth.heheheh….cool babe jangan marah saya okay. Love you!

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