Work n Cuti! Kuala Terengganu and Redang

5 Days in Terengganu: Work and Pleasure

I’ll be leaving for KT tomorrow for some work with TV9. I’ll be a 1-day guest judge for a new realiti show called “Gadis Melayu”. The TV9 producers haven’t given me any details yet but from what I hear its a realiti show to find a “gadis melayu”…..i’ll fill you in dgn lebih detail nanti.
After work its off to Redang Island or Penhentian to chill and relax for a couple of days. Check out the pictures…..

Gadis Melayu TV9 Audition Pictures

  1. i was in redang about a month back. really beautiful and realxing place. i kinda like it there because it isn’t as packed as langkawi.
    the only problme with redang is some of the island near it already destroyed by tourism. went to the Taman Laut and guess what? All the corals are dead! A taman laut where i paid for entry is suppose to be well conserved right? well not there! shame really

  2. hey…….
    I actually “had to” stay in perhentian. Redang was fully booked.
    I stayed at the Bubu Resort along Long Beach, Perhentian Kecil.

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