I am a Coffeeholic! Isn’t Coffee (Caffeine) bad for you?

I love coffee. Drink it everyday here in Malaysia. Whether its Nescafe or Starbucks or kopitiam, there’s nothing like a freshly brewed cup of coffee with extra milk (low fat), a little gula and sometimes a hint of cinnamon and cocoa. Aaaah yes…its good!

Is coffee bad for you?

Following a typical discussion I have with people about coffee:
Person A: “Kevin, you drink coffee?”
Me: “Oh yeah….am a coffeeholic. At least two cups per day.”
Person A: “Isn’t coffee bad for you”
Me: “Hmmm….Why? Whats wrong with coffee?”
Person A: “errrr….it has caffeine. Like daaaa”
Me: “Yeah but whats wrong with caffeine?”
Person A: “errr…..I dunno”

…Consumers (you included) rarely know why coffee is bad for you. …

Well the point here is that more often than not, consumers (you included) rarely know why coffee is bad for you. So what is the problem or issue with caffeine. Afterall, its not only in coffee, but in teas, softdrinks etc.

Coffee: The Good and the bad

Ok lets break it down. I’ll share with you tentang kebaikan dan keburukan copi kesayangan kita 🙂

The Good! Lets start with the “good” things about coffee:(caffeine)

  • It tastes awesome! Well, probably a personal opinion here.
  • Keeps your awake. Its a stimulant.
  • Its a great source for antioxidants.
  • Used as a fat burning ingredient in most, if not all, thermo based supplements.
  • Coffee has a mild diuretic effect. means more trips to the bathroom.
  • Can increase your mental performance and ability to focus
The Bad! Now to the bad side of coffee:

  • Can cause irritable Bowel Syndrome.
  • It is a stimulant so obviously there are short term side effects such as restlessness, insomnia etc.
  • In the long term, coffee has been linked to Osteoporosis
  • Coffee is diuretic. Hence can increase dehydration.
  • Coffee is not addictive but can cause caffeine withdrawal syndrome (headaches, lethargy etc)

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