I am a Coffeeholic! Isn't Coffee (Caffeine) bad for you?

I love coffee. Drink it everyday here in Malaysia. Whether its Nescafe or Starbucks or kopitiam, there’s nothing like a freshly brewed cup of coffee with extra milk (low fat), a little gula and sometimes a hint of cinnamon and cocoa. Aaaah yes…its good!

  1. Kev,
    Deviate a little bit. I luuuuv tea. Is drinking too much tea hazardous to our health? I drank like 3 cups of tea per day on average. Nothing special, just a normal everyday black tea (like Lipton yellow label tea).

  2. arch – well tea contains caffeine as well but typically less than coffee. I don’t think 3 cups per day is hazardous to your health. The susu pekat manis is more “harzardous” 😀

  3. hmm..
    kinda medical doc!!
    u r correct when listing down those good and bad features of coffee…..
    but yet,i reckon that u’ve shown that it’s more to negative side….
    huhu…juz commenting….great job!!

  4. feez – well cream is fat. fat or obesity is much more dangerous than coffee.
    dr smart – well yeah..i would say there are obvious negative effects…but what i feel is important is that we understand them. So that if you still decide to minum (like I do hahah), at least you know the pro n cons.

  5. did you guys know that coffee is calorie free!
    a cup of “kopi-kosong” has ZERO CALORIES 🙂 Same goes for teh-kosong. So when you go to coffeebean or starbucks its the cream, sugar, chocolate etc that makes up all the calories.

  6. do you know that coffee can precipitate arrythmias like SVT’s ? I am a coffee-holics..quite a number of doctors are coffee-holics to make them awake during their night duty..mmmmm

  7. Hi Kevin,
    Thanks for the post.. =)
    I was once a coffee addict then I swerved to tea.. but i dont think tea works for me..
    N now, to gradually cut my coffee consumption, i only order tall sized low fat latte (no flavoured syrup and no sugar)dlm 3-4 times per week..part of bfast..
    Any good kevin?

  8. Kev, I am addicted to coffee, really that part about
    ostoeporosis(right spelling?)scares me lah. Why must something so good be bad ya? You are such a health freak but lose out to coffee.hahaha.
    Like you said we only have one life…so live it up ya, no one is healthily perfect, so have a cuppa..
    yawn…i am so sleepy now, should i make kopi secewann??? hehe

  9. Hi, Kev. I am addicted to coffee, I love it more than anything, I can’t live without it. I’ve even stolen money from my mother sometimes to buy coffee. Is that so bad?? I mean I know stealing is bad but.. I don’t know.. Sometimes I’d do anything just to get some coffee.

  10. Salam to you Kev..
    I found this article while browsing some website.
    Decaf do contain caffeine
    “My caffeine investigation found that decaf varieties contain between 8 and 32 milligrams of high-octane zip, depending on the cup size. Although this is significantly less than regular Joe (a typical 8-ounce cup provides 100-150 milligrams of caffeine), even a small amount may matter to caffeine-sensitive people. My advice: If you struggle with insomnia, stick with caffeine-free herbal tea starting late afternoon”
    Hope you are surviving this puasa, do take care ya.
    Have a nice day!

  11. Hi Kev..
    It is said that coffee alone (without sugar n milk/creamer etc) is 0 calorie, right..?
    but how come when i check at the nutrition facts behind each coffee packages, they say it has between 30-40 calories..? even the loose coffee, not the sachets one.. the sachets even when they say "kopi O tanpa gula" has about 32 calories..
    Is it because they processed it with margarine n sugar as according to the ingredients..? so where do i find this 0 calorie coffee..? do i need to buy the beans n ground it myself..?
    thanks kev..

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