Malaysia, Germany and the Beijing Olympics 2008

Malaysian Failure

I think it really is no surprise that Malaysia, so far, has yet to collect a single medal in Beijing! Why? Coz our overall sports development system is very very sad and selagi kita tidak berubah, kita tidak akan melahirkan world class athletes secara konsisten. Sampai bila nak harapkan badminton or bowling?

When you flip through the paper, you always see pictures of foreign athletes training or competing. With Malaysian athletes, its usually of them meeting with some VIP, Minister or agung. How is that relavant!? Too much politics?

Too much politics, lack of mental strength and yang paling penting, athletes in Malaysia lack focus, year-round competition and kita tiada “talent pool” yang banyak kerana ramai tidak menceburi sukan di sekolah coz its not encouraged and only happens one a year! How in the world is an (talented or not) athlete going to improve if they only compete satu, dua atau tiga kali setahun!

Germany’s Success

Ok I dont want to touch too much on China or the US as well, they are huge lah. Germany i know! hahaha. I was part of their youth sports development system for 13 years. I their system works! Without a shadow of a doubt, I can say that Germany is a country that produces world class athletes in every sport! And again, world class here doesnt mean number one or two in the world but lets say a top 50 ranking in the world lah.

..Its not about money but about a system that is economical and it works!…

Same probably applies to other western european countries. Its not about money but about a system that is economical and it works!

How does Germany and most of Europe develop athletes? Check out my Youth Sports Development Proposal for Malaysia

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