Looking back over the last 30 years


Its been about a week since I said goodbye to the 20s with a bang! hahaah those that were there, know what that means. I’m not exactly sure where I’m heading with this post but turning 30 has left me reflecting on my life.

…I’m not sure where exactly I’m heading with this post but turning 30 has left me reflecting a lot about my life…

Dunno if its just me or if everyone goes through this….hahah I know I know…30 is just a number but I see it as an opportunity to open a new chapter in my life and hey a lil self reflection has never hurt anyone.

When I was a lil boy….

As a lil boy I always wondered what my life would be like as a 30 year old. This is gonna sound corny but being a father n husband was always first on that list…hmm guess didn’t quite work out..yet! hahaha. Than of course were my career aspirations…like anyone else, I wanted to be “successful”. Why the quotes? well coz success is a personal definition.

Am I successful in my own eyes? I must say that I am very proud of the things I have achieved, more importantly, I am grateful for the man I have become … but breaking into the 4th decade of my life… I would hope that my outlook and priorities would be rather different from my 20s.

What the 20s Meant to Me

Hmmm in short probably the boy-2-man years. Years of goofing around, making mistakes (and learning from them), becoming a man and better still years when its ok to be featured in magazines like URTV or Mangga (no offense hahaah) ….

What made me in man in my eyes? The hard lessons in life. The hardship of dealing with situations that a teen (hopefully) does not have to face.

What was that lesson for me? Losing my mother, brother, grandparents and that things don’t stay the same. I learned that in order to make the most of my life, I need to take control and make my own decisions… that way, if anything goes wrong…I really have no one else to blame but myself.

My hopes for the next 10 years

Hmmm lets see…. I gonna hold on to lil Kevin’s dreams of starting a family. Doesn’t have to happen immediately but hell yeah…I’m ready for that part of my life hahahah… (I wonder if I still feel like this after my self reflective period has phased out) … but yeah I need more meaning in my life. As a muslim, I hope to avoid repeating my 20s mistakes over and over again and yeah hope to have a better spiritual balance, insyallah 😉

…I gonna hold on to lil Kevin’s dreams of starting a family…I’m ready for that part of my life…

Hmm what else do I want? Obviously I cherish my work, friends, family and not to forget my health. I hope to continually establish myself in health and web business of course la.

What the point of this post?

Hahaahah I have no clue! Just been having this mini awakening and before it slips into nowhere, I better write it down so that I can read it when I need a lil help hahaha.

Thank you for reading this!

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