Hectic Start to 2009

header-2009Wow! its been almost a month since I last posted an entry here… that not good but its been a hectic-hectic last few weeks.

Year End Vacation

After i recovered from my demam (after my bday), I went for a quick trip to Krabi and Phi Phi island over Christmas. Spent a couple nites in Krabi and two more on Phi Phi island. Phi Phi is awesome! Had I known, I would’ve spent the entire 4 nights there. We went deep sea snorkeling, elephant trekking, visited a hot spring, lots of good fresh seafood and yeah lots of massages – aaaaah very relaxing ๐Ÿ™‚

New Year’s in KL

Spent new years with Intan and friends along the Changkat Bukit Bintang stretch. Makan at a Brazilian restaurant called Bom Brazil – which was good food, especially if you like meats! After that we headed on to Lunar Bar to celebrate the new year and to see the fireworks.

New Years Resolution?

Hmmmm tak de kot. I’m not much on new years resolutions hahahaha but I do have work related plans lined up for 2009:

  • Roll out and continually develop Cekodok.com.
  • Start our FREE public health and fitness seminars in Malaysia – Hopefully by Feb.
  • Roll out my FREE eBook entitled “24 Questions on Health and Fitness.
  • Some book and tv related projects.
  • Continue writing my blog of course
  • Having a lil fun along the way – of course la kan

Happy New Year

Thats about it for me….gotta go back doing a lil work and play with my new xBox 360 ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy New Year everyone!

  1. hey kevin. happy 09! juz wanna know..any seminar/talk/workshop in the making? the ones that us public can join that is :D. cheers!

  2. thanks for the wishes.
    Buttercup – yeah we are planning FREE seminars for the public starting asap…we are in the midst of finalizing the location sponsors.

  3. Hi Kevin…what’s cooking?
    Pernah dengar tak ‘Shifting Calories Theory’? Sejauh mana keberkesanannya ye? Thanks.

  4. hi kevin, i ada problem dgn punggung dan peha. tengok dr belakang, punggung melebar dan peha besar, ada deposit fat kat tepi peha. dah macam buah pear bila berdiri. tak cantik dr belakang.. apa excercise yg perlu saya buat untuk fit kan punggung and peha. asap

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