A tribute to Mama – I remember!

Yesterday was mother’s day and since my mom is no longer with us, I thought this would be a nice way to remember her.

I have never written a poem in my lifetime …. but here it goes.

I remember!

I remember!

I remember the warmth and love you gave a sweet lil boy who is now a hardened man. The balance of a mother’s love I missed for many years.

"Mein kleiner", "mein engel" those were the little names you had for me. I was the sunshine in your life.
I remember.

I remember, the many days you would wait outside the school gate, waiting with a warm smile while I would run into your arms. The caring touch to put me to sleep at night.
I remember.

I remember the day we had to leave you behind for a life in Malaysia. The pain it caused us both. The many years without communication. No word. No sight. No more mama. I knew you were getting sicker without me being there. How I wish i could’ve been there.
I remember!

10 years gone by.
I remember the first time I saw you again – lying sick and helpless in your death bed. It broke my heart into a million pieces. The regret. The pain. The tears. I was broken. Broken that you could not recognize me anymore – your lil boy!
I remember!

When you passed, a part of me died. More regret. More pain. But I made a promise to myself. A promise to be a better man. To make you proud and remember you in my prayers. A promise that I will be a good man, a good father and husband. I promise to honor u.
I will remember!

Meine mama. I love you! Today, tomorrow and forever.
I will always remember you.

  1. kevin
    sungguh menyentuh hati sajak nie…im crying man bila baca sajak u. Ingatlah tanpa ibu bapa , siapa lah kita Kevin. keeps my word, kawan. bears in ur mind….

  2. Assalamualaikum, that was nice… i was touched. being the better man part InsyaAllah you will.

  3. tidak ada ape yang kita boleh balas kepada ibu bapa kita setelah mereka pergi melainkan doa daripada anak yang soleh… Keep berdoa for ur mum..Al fatihah for her

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