10 Tips for Weight Gain

Most of the time, I talk about various tips to help you manage or lose weight. Since there have been many questions on how to gain weight, following are some 10 simple but important tips.

  1. Eat more! Weight gain can’t happen from thin air. Your body needs a calorie surplus in order to store additional calories. Rule of thumb: 7700 calories equal 1kg of body fat.
  2. Weight training is a must. Afterall, you dont want to merely gain fat. Weight training acts as a catalyst – making the body actually wanting to grow.
  3. Don’t Skip Meals! In your attempt to consume additional calories, every meal counts. The last thing you need to your body tapping into your reserves (weight loss!)
  4. Forget about fat for now. If you are looking for weight gain, you have to except that you will gain some fat as well. Don’t worry about it. Gain weight and size first and lose the fat later.
  5. Lift heavy? Well yeah. You need to push your muscles in order to force them adapt. But, never neglect form, intensity and at time lifting moderate weights can instill new growth as well.
  6. Supplements? Well supplements help as long as you are taking care of your nutrition and exercise programs. Without nutrition or exercise, don’t waste your money on em. I personally would look at whey proteins or gainers, creatine and glutamine.
  7. Beef up on proteins! Protein are the building blocks of muscles. Make sure you have a decent serving of protein in every meal! Rule of thumb: Consume about 1g of protein for very pound you weigh.
  8. Get your snacks! or in-between meals. Make sure you consume balanced snacks in between your main meals. If you are working, whey protein supplements, meal replacement bars make practical snacks. Milk or soy works as well. Again don’t skip meals!
  9. Consistency! Just like losing weight, gaining weight is about consistency for the long term. A decent diet plan, exercise and yeah supplements should be continued for the long term. If not, all the weight you have gained will …. err … melt away.
  10. eBook. Get my How to Gain 5kg in 10 Weeks eBook for detailed info on how to gain weight the right way.

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