Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-03

  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-27:
    wow its been a long day again …. web consultation stuff …. n.. #
  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-27 #
  • A girl is yelling at above my apartment block 'u get the f**k out now' again n again. Women n their drama. #
  • When a couple fights, most of the time, one only hears the women yelling while the guy is strangly aroused by the aggression haha #
  • 1 day tak check email ….. 300+ new messages ……. Oh My God. #
  • Its 438am … and m tossling (hope I spelled that right) in my bed … my mind is in overdrive #
  • 630am ….. Hv counted some 12587 kambings already … Maybe I should count ayams instead or ayam gorengs? #
  • Personally, today is shitty. Business wise its been good. Another one of those 'bersyukur dgn apa yg ada' days. #
  • going for a jog ….. first jog of the year …. i hate jogging. #
  • ist ja nun zeit fuer Rocky und "Eye Of The Tiger" ….. muss mich wiedermal aufheben. Los gehts! #
  • ampang point birds shat all over my ride again! thanks ….. just what i needed. #
  • Video 8TV Quickie with Kevin Zahri #
  • Video 8TV Quickie with Kevin Zahri: Following is a copy of my guest appearance on Malaysia’s 8TV Quickie h.. #
  • Heading to bank negara in a bit for to conduct a health talk and gym orientation for their staff. Should be fun! #
  • looking forward to my Biggest Loser Asia screen test on Sunday … I'm sooo gonna rock their world! #
  • Just got this sms 'do u like ladyboys? We can provide for u if u like ladyboy' hahahahahah ladies yes. Lady+boy in 1? No thanx. #
  • working out at home to rocky soundtrack …… feelin like rocky siot … bring it on. #
  • Biggest Loser Asia Auditions in Malaysia #
  • Biggest Loser Asia Auditions in Malaysia:
    I’m sure by now, most of you have heard that The Biggest Loser .. #
  • Wow … From wat I gathered, most of my female friends say that if they didn't know me, they wouldn't trust me. That sux. #
  • Life, karma and yeah its ironies #
  • Life, karma and yeah its ironies: By the time you read this post, its probably the 10th draft. Just like my turn.. #
  • Goin to jakarta. Gotta clear my head. #
  • I did the best I could. Shoud not hv let my guard down. #
  • Heading to da curve for BLA audition than tennis … Life must go on! No regrets! #
  • A lil girl just call me n said 'papa, balik cepat sikit tau!' … I said 'wrong number!' Comel je suara dia. #
  • Done with BLA audition. I think it went well. Fingers crossed! #
  • Back home after a loooooooong day. #
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